Residents ask company to be a good neighbor, abandon landfill plans

Residents ask company to be a good neighbor, abandon landfill plans
We are asking that the Lafarge Corporation respect the decision of our citizens, do the right thing and abandon the idea of constructing a landfill at Newton FallsBailey and Palmyra roads in Lordstown and Newton Falls.
Every day we read the sign for Lafarge that states that the property is a Wildlife Sanctuary and nature preserve. We once believed in the words on that sign. We feel the same about our own homes and properties. They are our sanctuaries and our own nature preserves.
Generations ago the slag piles were deposited onto the Lafarge property as a by-product of hard working steel-building Americans who believed in the principles of this nation. We feel a strong sense of pride in those steelworkers and view those piles as a monument to the sacrifices made by them. They believed in the American dream. The steel mills may be gone but our principles remain.
Lafarge in the past has been a good neighbor providing unselfish sponsorship of sports teams in our area for our children. In these times of economic uncertainty from corporate scandals, threats from terrorism and the resulting war, our children deserve to feel safe in their own homes. They too should grow up believing in our great nation as we had. We still believe in the American dream as did those steel workers of the past who worked long and hard to provide a better life for their families and the generations that followed.
Our children deserve to be taught that corporations are not faceless entities only caring about the financial bottom line. They must be shown through words and actions that corporations care about the communities in which they do business, not because the laws state that they have to but because it is the American way -- an American way built upon the traditions of hard work and determination, corporate responsibility and respect for the rights and properties of all Americans.
Our children are facing an uncertain future because of these trying times and therefore they must be protected from any further erosion of their freedom to live, grow and learn in a community where they feel safe. Our community is privileged to have abundant wildlife, beautiful woodlands and farmlands, clean air, safety and most importantly family, friends and companies who care and support each other. We do not want to sacrifice our family time and money fighting a corporation we once respected for what we hold dear: our homes and properties. We want to maintain our good neighbor relationship.
We do not want to have to fight a corporation we once respected, or worse have to explain to our children why we have a landfill in their front yards and trucks loaded with debris creating a nightmare in what was once their peaceful and beautiful neighborhood.
X The writer is an organizers of Citizens United against the Lafarge Landfill.
Avalon South is a great place for a golf outing
For the past four years we have had golf outings at Avalon South Golf Course. We just had our annual outing Aug. 9. Tony Joy went out of his way to make sure it was a success, and he did a great job, just like he has every year. He has been an asset to the golf course since he has taken it over. Avalon South Golf Course is a big asset to the City of Warren, and it would be wonderful if they gave him some support.
The golf course is in good shape and more people should play there and give it some support. If the people don't wake up and support the golf course it will become another place that went by the wayside. We, the committee of the Brier Hill Annual Golf Outing, are supporting the golf course. We have set a date at Avalon South for the year 2003. We are 100 percent for Tony Joy.
X The writer is chairman of the eight-member Brier Hill Annual Golf Outing committee.