Reaching top is a peak experience

Some fairgoers came to the walls looking for a challenge.
CANFIELD -- Scott Wiesler didn't give away stuffed animals or posters of teen stars in his booth at the Canfield Fair. The reward he offered was personal satisfaction.
"The prize you get is the pride and satisfaction in doing something tough," he said. "Once you do it once, you don't have to ask if there's a prize."
Wiesler is the co-owner of one of the four climbing walls that were at the Canfield Fair. His wall is 24 feet tall.
Tim Brake, who owns a 32-foot wall that was at the fair, said he feels the reward for climbers was "the sensation of making it."
"It makes people feel good to make it to the top," he added.
The gray walls are marked by several handholds of various shapes and sizes. Some handholds could be gripped with an entire hand. Others only had enough space for a few fingers.
Fairgoers who climbed the walls were connected to a safety rope that wouldn't allow them to fall.
Some fairgoers said they liked the challenge of trying to climb the walls.
"It looked like a challenge; I enjoy a challenge," said Joe Crowley, 15, of Weidman, Mich. Crowley climbed Brake's 32-foot wall.
Crowley's sister, Jessica , 12, said she also had a challenge in mind when she decided to climb Brake's wall.
"I wanted to beat my brother," she said.
Not too difficult
Both Crowleys made it to the top of the wall. Jessica described the top as "scary." She added, however, that she didn't think the climb was that difficult.
Brake said climbing the wall was like climbing a tree, and Wiesler added that he thinks a positive attitude is the most important thing needed to climb the wall.
"You just got to look at it and say, 'I'm going to do it,'" he said.
Tessla Habeger, 10, of Mineral Ridge said she'd climbed rock-climbing walls, "like 1,000 times." She added, however, that she still found it hard to climb Rocky Scholfield's 24-foot wall at the fair.
When asked what she liked most about climbing the wall, Habeger's cousin, Nicole Habeger, 10, of Austintown, responded, "Coming down."

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