ODDITIES Canfield Fair

You can see some strange, funny, and disturbing things while spending six days at the Canfield Fair. Here's some of what staff writers Maraline Kubik and Ian Hill saw at this year's fair:
A female fairgoer who wore a sombrero with castanets.
A little red wagon mounted on scale monster truck tires with shock absorbers.
Television reporter autographed trading cards.
A vendor who sold "Free Jim Traficant" T-shirts. Several fairgoers also were spotted wearing T-shirts bearing that message.
A man who hid his face and tried to collect money while he danced in front of the concourse stage.
A couple who drove scooters.
A cow painted blue at the dress-a-cow contest.
Several teenage girls who showed the top of their underwear above their low-cut jeans.
Older women dressed like they were teen girls.
Older women who would ask fair booth workers, "What can you give me for free?"
Large men who wore jeans that hung too low and exposed too much.
Tattoos on people who shouldn't have tattoos.
Deep-fried Oreos.
A boy with a stuffed animal suction-cupped to his glasses.
SpongeBob SquarePants and Spider-Man prizes at most games.
A teen punk band that performed on the concourse stage. The guitarist with a mohawk haircut.
Pre-teen girls who wore shorts with words like "Princess" on the behind.
A stars and stripes button-down shirt on Mahoning County Engineer Richard Marsico.
A man who wore a sticker for Ann Womer Benjamin and a sticker for Tim Ryan. Womer Benjamin, a Republican, and Ryan, a Democrat, are running against each other for the 17th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
People who wore multiple radio station promotional stickers on their jeans and hats.
Camouflage shorts and pants.
Men who wore knee socks.

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