City Fest deserved better than it got from press

City Fest deserved better than it got from press
My daughter, grandchildren and I attended the City Fest on Sunday afternoon.
If so few were in attendance on the other days, it was a pathetic show of support for downtown Youngstown activities and events.
However, I must say that the media did a very poor job promoting it. Over the past couple of months, we have been saturated with other events happening in other areas, including the suburbs. We saw it on the local television stations and in The Vindicator quite often. What happened to the City Fest banners that used to be strung across the streets in the downtown area?
Our city leaders tend to complain about the lack of interest in things going on downtown. Maybe if they would insist on more publicity, more people would attend. It is almost as if everything is to be kept quiet. That way, if there is poor attendance, they won't have to plan anything else. If there is any hope of ever revitalizing the city, this is not the way to do it. Now is the time to start advertising and talking about the next downtown event.
Owners, leash your dogs
We dog lovers enjoy taking our dogs for a walk, and what do our dogs enjoy more than going for one? Mine gets so excited I have difficulty connecting the leash to her collar.
Everything goes well until we pass one of our fellow dog lover's homes. He wants his dog outside in the yard with him but doesn't feel a leash is necessary.
Next I find myself and my dog being charged by a barking, growling, mouthful of teeth surrounded by a fur coat.
So far, no injury has come to myself or my animal, but I think it is very inconsiderate of people to do this. They feel perfectly safe because it is their dog, but I sure don't.
I ask you all to put yourselves in my shoes and think about how you would feel. I'll guarantee you that it is not comfortable.
It is also not legal as soon as your animal comes off of your property, and they will do it. If you don't believe me, check your state and local ordinances.
Also, I certainly do not want to hurt anyone else's animal but I do have a right to protect myself and my dog on public property.
Please take another look at what you're doing!
Mineral Ridge
What should it take for America to go to war?
As the rhetoric of the vice president becomes more strident, bombastic and threatening, it seems we are inexorably heading into a martial conflict. I use conflict, because it seems that semantics must now be the way of the future. We have gone from the phrase "preventive war" to "pre-emptive strike" as though they do not really mean the same thing. "Genocide" became "ethnic cleansing". So, why not "conflict" instead of "war" It does sound less war like.
At this time, and here I go with history again, I am reminded of what president Theodore Roosevelt said so long ago. "speak softly and carry a big stick." He did not threaten anyone, he just sent the U.S. Navy on a trip around the world. We do have a big stick, but it seems at this time, those in power are determined that we should use it.
This is not a subject for open debate, and the majority wins. We don't take a poll to see which way the wind blows. It is not about the potential loss of lives, the cost to the taxpayers or the effect on other countries, friend or foe, or who would replace Saddam, it is about us. America is a moral and ethical nation. We do not replace dictators because we think that we are going to be attacked. However, we will and can retaliate with all the means at our disposal should we be attacked, or if any allied nation is attacked.
It is time to moderate the talk of war,. This does not mean appeasement, it means if you, Saddam, strike, you will have spelt your doom.