"Being in a drunken stupor, the girl caused the whole thing from the get-go." Shirley Peacock, a member of Newton Falls Civil Service Commission.
"This is a direct result of a disorderly female that attacked an officer. If she hadn't done that, none of this would have happened." Barbara Jenkins, Newton Falls Civil Service Commission.
"I've known Joe Zimomra for five years. I've known him to be a kind gentleman, compassionate, and just a good citizen." the Rev. John Kasarda, pastor of St. Michael Catholic Church.
"Some people say she was going for his gun. You can't tell unless you were there." Renee Hall, 38, Newton Falls.
"They should put Zimomra in jail. If anyone else did it, they would have punished him." Fred Groom, 84, of Braceville, retired steel worker.
"The photos on TV showed she was getting up and he pushed her back down on the ground. That is not right." Lester VanWinkle, 87, Newton Falls.
"He should be in jail right now." Harry Lettie, 87, Newton Falls.
"The police are here to serve and protect, not to brutalize the community," Gwen Whittaker, Warren.
"I don't see why the cop would have to hit the woman. He must have been a sissy," Jeff Estes, 28, Braceville.

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