Police probe report filed by mother

AUSTINTOWN -- A North Beacon Drive woman said a misunderstanding led her to file a report that several young boys wrote the word sex on the legs and breasts of her daughter earlier this month. The woman's daughter, 17, has Down's syndrome.
The mother said she apologized to those involved.
Police, meanwhile, said the investigation into the report is continuing.
"We have no reason to disbelieve what the young lady said at this time until further investigation," Lt. Joe Giampietro said. He added that the Mahoning County Children Services Board is helping with the investigation.
Giampietro noted that the investigation won't end just because the mother said the report was a result of a misunderstanding.
"It's a matter of public record. I can't make it disappear," he said. "We're going to follow it up until we're satisfied and all parties come to an agreement"
Giampietro said the mother tried to contact him last week when she was on vacation. He said he has since left phone messages for the mother and received no response.
Reports state that the boys wrote on the girl on the evening of May 4.
The girl's mother told police that she noticed the word while the girl was bathing. She added that some of the boys, including one who is 7, told her the word was written on the girl while they were playing kick ball in the yard of the North Beacon Drive home.

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