Councilman suggests change in committee meeting schedule

The evening meetings also would be more accessible to the public than those in the afternoon, a councilman said.
WARREN -- Council is considering changing its committee meeting schedule.
Councilman Robert A. Marchese, D-at large, gave his suggestion Thursday about reserving two evenings a month for committee meetings.
Council now schedules committee meetings in the afternoon as they see the need, and sometimes several are scheduled in one week.
With two evenings per month established for meetings, council members could schedule the committee sessions as needed on those dates, he said.
"I'm suggesting that what we've been doing hasn't been working as effectively as it could," Marchese said.
It also would make committee meetings more accessible to the public.
Councilman Alford L. Novak, D-2nd, said the less-formal atmosphere afforded by a committee meeting may attract members of the public who are intimidated to come to a regular council meeting.
Marchese suggested it be done on a trial basis.
Councilman Gary Fonce, D-at large, also supports the idea.
"It's hard to get here two to three times a week," he said.
Sometimes a department head comes to two, three or four meetings, explaining the same thing to different council members, Fonce added.
Councilman Daniel E. Polivka, D-at large, said council would have to make sure the administration supports the idea.
Council President William D. Franklin will talk to the administration about the idea.

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