Band director deserves permanent recognition

Band director deserves permanent recognition
It was just a small article tucked in the pages of the Local Section of the May 21 Vindicator, but the significance of it was enormous. It spoke of the need to expand the bandroom at South Range High School because of the multifold expansion of the music program. It mentioned that 12 years ago the band had 25 members and now has 126 (six more than the University of Connecticut marching band had when I was in it).
Both of my children went through the South Range music program. Philip was in it 12 years ago.
Why the need for the bandroom expansion? I feel it is due primarily to the talents, personality and character of one person, Joseph Kane, the Middle School band director.
Students don't just become musicians upon entering high school. It takes years to develop their musical talent, and it is through Joe Kane's inspiration and "feeder" program that the band is what it is today. He is a unique and remarkable teacher.
This is not to take away from the talents and abilities of the high school band director, but lacking Mr. Kane's accomplishments, the high school wouldn't have the size band it now has and the bandroom expansion wouldn't be required.
When the expansion is completed, a plaque needs to be mounted stating, "The Joseph Kane Bandroom Expansion, for without his abilities this would not have been needed," followed by the date of dedication.
Weed and seed has done nothing for South Side
The weed and seed program on Youngstown's South Side is a joke.
The grass grows high on the vacant lots. Promised increased police patrols are non-existent. Children are walking and playing in the middle of busy streets while cars have to dodge them.
Large gatherings of kids exchanging items are obvious and in plain view.
Garbage is allowed to accumulate on front yards. Dogs are barking day and night, running loose.
If you tell children to stay out of your driveway when you are backing out, you risk being shot or injured by them or their parents. This is occurring now. I will be a witness to further problems during the summer when the children are out of school.
Where are the parents? If they are around at all, they are watching television inside. My neighborhood was a nice place to be even five years ago.
With all of this occurring in an area that the city says has improved, tell me why I should stay.
Lisotto erred in allowing Giancola brief freedom
I believe that Judge Robert Lisotto's decision to let Annette Giancola, who was responsible for the murder of her 3-year-old twins, out was not a good one at all.
People with mental disorders cannot ever, in this writer's opinion, be diagnosed as to whether they are mentally sane or competent. When people suffer mental setbacks such as Annette has, they're never able to think rationally, and we can never determine what's going on inside their heads. This is why the prosecutors could not prove that she would be a danger to herself or anyone else for that matter. It's not that easy.
Let's just hope and pray that she doesn't end up again in front of some judge, trying to explain her actions that could at any time be deadly. "I just snapped" sounds familiar.