Marriage licenses
Harold M. Costello Jr., 50, of 1372 E. South Range Road, North Lima, and Belinda L. Ser, 33, of 355 Meadowbrook #1, Youngstown.
John M. Berick Jr., 24, of 823 Cambridge Ave., Youngstown, and Carol L. Palguta, 24, of same.
Timothy M. Gottschling, 42, of 10806 Duck Creek Road, Salem, and Gerine C. Coombs, 42, of 550 Westgate Blvd., Youngstown.
Ronald G. Yoder, 37, of 8481 Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center, and Michelle L. Cross, 25, of same.
Robert H. Agler, 29, of 4091 Glenwood Ave. #44, Youngstown, and Audra L. Rush, 27, of same.
Fred J. Jordan II, legal age, 129 Greeley Ave., Youngstown, and Flo E. McDuffie, legal age, 153 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown.
Lester D. Van Tassel, 35, of 5301 Columbiana Road, New Springfield, and Andrea L. Vanaugh, 31, of same.
Ronald R. Pennington Jr., 27, of 14782 Waterford Road, Petersburg, and Mandy J. Accetta, 24, of same.
Mark A. Yacucci, 29, Bloomington, Ill, and Amy L. Roscoe, 23, South Beloit, Ill.
Patrick T. Smrek, 34, of 5765 Callaway Circle, Austintown, and Kimberly A. Witherow, 34, of same.
Brian Mistovich, 31, Wilsonville, Ore., and Kerri L. Meyers, 30, of same.
Jimmy Green, 32, of Youngstown, and Tamara D. Stevens, 28, of Antioch, Tenn.
Frederick Romito Jr., 20, of 49 Kleber Ave., Austintown, and Heidi D. Schmitt, 27, of 7489 Huntington Drive #5, Boardman.
William J. Fullerman Jr., 26, of 1618 Warner Ave., Mineral Ridge, and Erin A. Hart, 25, of 2100 S. Raccoon Road #17, Austintown.
Jay A. Janciga, 30, of 4147 Riverside Drive, Boardman, and Wendy M. Andello, 28, of same.
Charles J. Dailey III, 27, of 16410 Heiser Road, Berlin Center, and Pamela S. Ferreri, 26, of 14450 County Line Road, Newton Falls.
Duane E. Smith, 26, of 9919 Delray Street #1, New Middletown, and Nora A. DeRhodes, 22, of 3906 E. Calla Road, Poland.
Samuel R. Mangin, 25, Slidell, La., and Nancy D. Doherty, 24, of 63 N. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown.
Jason R. Cummings, 25, Kansas City, Mo., and Michele L. Loree, 20, of 3943 Risher Road, Youngstown.
Dean M. Julius, 39, of 6092 Glenridge Road, Youngstown, and Stephanie Melfo, 33, of 222 Reta Lane, Youngstown.
Divorces asked
Paul A. Johnson Jr., 9730 New Buffalo Road, Canfield, vs. Susan K. Johnson, 9730 New Buffalo Road, Canfield.
Dissolutions asked
Michele Piper, 175 Gordon Ave., Campbell, and David J. Piper, 1640 Thorn Hill Drive, Youngstown.
New complaints
Chase Manhattan Bank as trustee et al vs. William L. Burton et al, foreclosure.
Arbor Stringer vs. McDonald's HLW Fast Track Inc., money.
Citifinancial Mortgage et al vs. Edward J. Marapese et al, foreclosure.
James D. Mamounis Jr. vs. Lora L. Merritt, money.
Michael D. Phelps et al vs. Karen A. McGarry et al, money.
Thomas V. Clark vs. Ameritech Corp. et al, workers' compensation.
Alliance Mortgage Co. vs. Millenium Enterprise, foreclosure.
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Armando N. Rucci et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Barbara M. Silvestri's unknown heirs et al, foreclosure and relief.
Lana L. Eckley et al vs. Allstate Insurance, money.
Patrick Fusillo et al vs. Youngstown Board of Education et al, money.
Erie Insurance Exchange vs. Beeg-Bro Ltd. et al, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Lamar A. Robinson, court revokes community control and sentences to eight months for violation of probation.
Same vs. Kelyn D. McKelly, sentenced to seven months for aggravated possession of drugs.
Same vs. Jennifer L. Ifft, sentenced to 14 months for count 1 and 90 days for count 2, to run concurrently.
Same vs. Wendall A. Hall III, sentenced to three years community control for receiving stolen property.
Same vs. Raymond R. Ingram, community control revoked and sentenced to 12 months.
Same vs. Edwin S. Scott, sentenced to 10 years for two count attempted murder.
Same vs. Quinn Wilson, violated community control, sentenced to 12 months for possessing criminal tools, and 18 months for receiving stolen property, to run concurrently.
Charlotte L. Mallory vs. Charlene R. Richmond, judgment for plaintiff.
Robert W. Agee et al vs. Cold Metal Products Inc., settled.
Progressive Insurance vs. Rethea A. Spann, judgment for plaintiff.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. John E. Mirto et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Denise A. Maretich vs. Baird Bros. Saw Mill Inc. et al, settled.
Tony D. Degennaro et al vs. Roseanne Marzetti, settled.
Cheri G. Ferris et al vs. Angela M. Dickinson et al, dismissed.
LaSalle Bank vs. Andrew M. Diamantes et al, foreclosure.
James S. Griffiths, a minor vs. Forum Health Northside Medical Center et al, dismissed.
Darryl Benson et al vs. General Motors, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan vs. Kathleen D. Jones et al, dismissed.
Judith Carson vs. Kutlick Platz Realty LLC et al, settled.
Gregory S. Lutsch et al vs. Jennifer L. Schmid, judgment for plaintiffs.
First Resolution Investment Corp. vs. Kelvin E. Turner, judgment for plaintiff.
National City Mortgage vs. Kenneth R. Johnson et al, foreclosure.
Jackson Federal Credit Union vs. Chad Jones et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Regions Mortgage Inc. vs. Joseph C. Scafuri et al, foreclosure.
B and R Wholesale vs. MHT Luxory Alloy, dismissed.
Real estate transfers
Pledged Property II LLC et al to Ralph Cooper et al, Canfield, $37,000.
Robert N. Eshenbaugh et al to Isaac C. Elam, Youngstown, $1,000.
Laura M. Sutler to Thomas P. Costello, Austintown Twp., $62,500.
Bob-Mar Development Ltd. to Jeffrey R. Woods et al, Sebring, $18,000.
Northern Investment Co. to Frank J. Barney et al, Milton Twp., $2,000.
Helen M. Reider Trust to Bobbie J. Knickerbocker, Boardman Twp., $134,500.
Francis Kleja et al to L. Scott Hughes et al, Austintown Twp., $70,750.
Patricia A. Hall to Sharon L. Simpson, Youngstown, $52,500.
William E. Bodnar et al to Alanna L. McBride, Austintown Twp., $83,900.
Margarita Sodomora to Robert W. Fuller, Poland, $79,000.
Andrew J. Brincko to Jason P. Leancu et al, Austintown Twp., $66,000.
UDE of Timber Ridge Clingan Ltd. Partnership to Karen L. Rohan, Poland Twp., $143,170.
DEB Enterprises Inc. to Kyle A. Evenson et al, Austintown Twp., $140,000.
Paul C. Hilbig et al to Elizabeth J. Hrusovsky, Youngstown, $47,500.
Elizabeth Seifert to Kenneth A. Walters, Austintown Twp., $67,500.
William T. Meenachan to David W. Toto, Boardman Twp., $77,000.
Huntington Homebuilders Inc. to Robert R. Rodino et al, Austintown Twp., $128,800.
Vincent S. Riccardo et al to Paul C. Hilbig et al, Youngstown, $124,900.
Robert Knight Jr. et al to Matthew P. Schwartz et al, Austintown Twp., $74,000.
Vera R. Burns as trustee to Henry Lepore, Youngstown, $40,000.
Home Savings and Loan to John L. Jamieson et al, Boardman Twp., $133,700.
Timothy L. Phelps et al to William J. Craven Jr. et al, Boardman Twp., $108,000.
Jillian Hickok to Steve Cocca, Boardman Twp., $54,000.
Paul G. Rolland et al to C. Michael Montgomery et al, Poland Twp., $90,000.
Patrick J. Naples et al to Stacey Hoover, Beaver Twp., $133,000.
Conseco Financial Services Corp. to Shawn B. Goodman et al, Youngstown, $41,000.
David A. Bobovnyik et al, trustees, to Janet A. Gutierrez, Youngstown, $92,900.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Aimee E. Benton, 301 S. Main St., Poland, none; liabilities, $24,978; assets, $775.
Brian D. and Robyn L. Woolf, 19155 Middletown Road, Beloit, he: none; she: instrumentarium; liabilities, $217,796; assets, $213,877.
Toni P. Ware, 514 W. Earle Ave., Youngstown, laborer, General Motors; liabilities, $123,905; assets, $25,300.
JoAnn F. LaPresta, 123 Wesley St., Youngstown, retired, GE Austintown Coil Plant; liabilities, $55,529; assets, $41,668.
Dorothy M. Heck, 1517 Meadowbrook Ave., Poland, none; liabilities, $3,756; assets, $770.
Roy S. Salani, 3915 Kirk Road, Youngstown, truck driver, Superior Beverage Group; liabilities, $30,795; assets, $2,220.

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