Marriage licenses
Leicester C. Stovell Jr., 31, of 2948 Regal Drive, Warren, and Tamara J. Pearce, 30, of 3141 Lodwick Drive, Warren.
Robert L. Clayton, 30, of 515 Todd Ave. S.W., Warren, and Tracie A. Croyle, 20, of same.
William A. Dawson Jr., 40, of 7077 Pine Grove Ave., Hubbard, and Karen A. Rydarowicz, 32, of same.
Mario G. Izzo, 31, of 30038 Ursula Court, North Ulmstead, and Kelli A. Kearney, 25, of 903 Warren Ave., Niles.
Kenneth D. Rummell, 34, of 3227 Dove Drive, Lordstown, and Sherry A. Evans, 32, of same.
Michael D. Powell, 24, of 1941 Estabrook, Warren, and Patricia A. Cribbs, 26, of same.
George Djelic, 41, of 350 N. Park Ave., Warren, and Oksana N. Mishcheno, 25, of same.
Scott E. Mealy, 25, of 924 Nob Hill, Niles, and Tiffany S. Seara, 22, of same.
Kurt B. Wallis, 43, of 2112 Grand Blvd., Monroe, Mich., and Kimberly A. Egelsky, 36, of same.
Edward J. Bugos, 34, of 158 Camrose Drive, Niles, and Monica L. Shade, 31, of 204 Hazelwood S. E., Warren.
Roger L. Wright Jr., 52, of 4400 Berkshire Drive, Warren, and Trudy M. Wright, 28, of 511 Bonnie Brae Ave., Niles.
Ronald W. Meyers, 43, of 171 Forest St. N.W., Warren, and Cheryl A. Montgomery, 40, of same.
Scott M. Hoke, 31, of 20 A. Green Acres Trail Parkway, Lebanon, Pa., and Laura A. Baum, 29, of 719 Albright McKay Road, Brookfield.
Thomas E. Streets Jr., 18, of 768 Champion Ave., Warren, and Kristina A. Click, 26, of same.
Sharad Mudhol, 33, of 3201 Century Park Blvd., Austin, Texas, and Heather K. Mullhone, 38, of 1502 Parkfield Circle, Round Rock, Texas.
Richard B. Allison, 37, of 1219 Keefer Road, Girard, and Andrea L. Kerr, 33, of same.
Brian S. Jones, 32, of 179 Charles Ave. S.E., Warren, and Melissa D. Hepburn, 22, of same.
Richard A. VanGorder Jr., 30, of 536 Indiana Ave., McDonald, and Rebecca A. Miranda 24, of same.
James F. Bungard, 63, of 4483 N. Leavitt Road, Warren, and Joyce I. Kesling, 63, of 1565 Edgehill S.E., Warren.
Jed M. Detelich, 24, of 7984 Addison Road, Masury, and Myshel M. Lipkovich, 28, of 2230 S. Raccoon Road, Youngstown.
Mitchell A. Sullivan, 23, of 9286 Durst-Colebrook Road, N. Bloomfield, and Marjorie E. Nalepa, 21, of same.
Donald R. Ball, 52, of Lot 115, Belle St., Jamestown, Pa., and Sylestra J. Marilla, 65, of 643 Southern Blvd. N.W., Warren.
Timothy V. Nalbach, 26, of 7556 Pegotty Drive, N.E., Warren, and Brandi M. Stull, 21, of same.
Jesse D. Smith, 22, of 1060 Harvard Drive S.E., Warren, and Alena M. Lagaras, 21, of 2686 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland.
Evan W. Evans, 49, of 8413 Wood St., Orangeville, Ohio, and Linda D. Reeher, 54, of 6436 Kinsman Knickerson Road, Kinsman.
Mark J. Dobransky, 28, of 3399 B. Eagles Loft, Cortland, and Amy L. Meister, 29, of same.
Andrew L. Solinski, 25, of 405 S. Main St., Hubbard, and Tricia A. Powell, 25, of same.
Brian R. Bayus, 25, of 226 Scott Ave., Niles, and Angela L. Webb, 24, of same.
Steven E. Valley, 24, of 1756 Warner Ave., Mineral Ridge, and Dominique N. Ragazzine, 23, of same.
William H. Bable, 45, of 1646 Ogden Ave., Warren, and Mikela D. Hanlin, 37, of same.
Tor A. Eastlake, 23, of Camp LeJuine, Jacksonville, N.C., and Jessica L.Ilerish, 20, of 8715 Parkman Mespo Road, Middlefield.
Thomas J. Koniowsky Jr., 22, of 25567 Chestnut St., Girard, and Shannon M. Mohn, 23, of same.
David A. Sopjack, 18, of 2265 Greenville Road, Bristol, and Misha N. Reed, 19, of 1926 Hude Shaffer Road, Bristol.
Divorces asked
Larry P. Villers vs. Debra K. Villers.
Paul B. Whitehouse vs. Patricia C. Whitehouse.
Vicki Bonk vs. Greg Bonk.
Jennifer Parson vs. Paul Parson.
Erica L. Hornbeck vs. Nicholas J. Hornbeck.
Melissa Woolard vs. Kenneth Woolard Jr.
Faye Waldinger vs. Gary M. Waldinger.
Tamara Hines vs. Mark D. Hines.
Paula J. McCune vs. Howard E. McCune.
Jennifer Hartzell vs. Jonas W. Hartzell.
Jeffrey Barth vs. Joy R. Barth.
Dianne C. Cooke vs. Patrick E. Cooke.
Anna V. Oller vs. Russell Oller.
Civil protection orders
Tina Provonozac vs. Stella Economus.
Louise Binion vs. Howard Binion.
Melissa Woolard vs. Kenneth Woolard Jr.
Teresa Soucy vs. Robert Soucy.
Peggy E. Koehler vs. Jeffery Koehler.
TerrisaBaumgardner vs. Russell Baumgardner.
April Shively vs. John Shively.
Susan Dugan vs. Thomas Yount.
ChanneekaGilmore vs. James Johnson.
Lolita Riffe vs. Lawrence L. Riffe.
Amy Kreeger vs. George Kreeger.
Constance Roebuck vs. D. Roebuck Sr.
Cases converted
Carolyn Braund vs. Douglas L. Braund.
Dissolutions asked
Mark Latcheran and Denise Latcheran.
Sonya Dye and Jason A. Dye.
Robert S. Remick and Valerie C. Remick.
Melinda Reeveley and Thomas Reeveley.
Cathy Book and Steven R. Book.
Amanda Vaughn and Justin Vaughn.
Jared T. Jenyk and Lisa M. Jenyk.
Kimberly A. Stiles Fargo and Michael F. Fargo.
Thomas Donahue and Anita Donahue.
Donna Lough and Christopher L. Lough.
Legal separations
Daniel J. Dean vs. Tracy L. Dean.
Jacqueline Dukes vs. Michael L. Dukes Sr.
Cases dismissed
Diane G. Trevena vs. John D. Trevena Jr.
Valerie Richmond vs. Thomas W. Richmond.
Rodney Hosfelt vs. Tami L. Hosfelt.
Victoria Catalade vs. Jamie Catalade.
Letitia Rittenhouse vs. David Rittenhouse.
Brenda Proverbs vs. Richard W. Proverbs Jr.

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