RESULTS Helping new moms The Nurse-Family Partnership grew out of a pilot program in Elmira, N.Y., more than two decades ago. Researchers followed up 15 years later and discovered that a group of low-

Over two years greater interval between the birth of the first and second child.30 fewer months use of welfare after birth of the first child.79 percent fewer verified reports of child abuse/neglect through the first child's 15th birthday.69 percent fewer arrests among the mothers.44 percent fewer behavioral problems among the mothers because of substance abuse.56 percent fewer arrests among the 15-year-old children.69 percent fewer convictions and probation violations among the 15-year-old children.58 percent fewer sexual partners among the 15-year-olds.28 percent fewer cigarettes smoked by the 15-year-olds.56 percent fewer days consuming alcohol by the 15-year-old children.

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