Mahoningside problems can't be fixed overnight

As a contractor for the Leatherworks site in Girard and the Mahoningside site in Warren, let me support Girard for having concerned citizens. ("Letter to the Editor" on May 7.)
I would like to assist the public in truly understanding the various components that makeup these costly eyesores in their communities.
First, there are the original owners (potentially responsible parties) that have operated businesses on these sites and then for various reasons deserted these sites and left then to further decay in you cities.
Second, ask yourself, "Who is responsible for cleaning up the site?" Many times unsuspecting cities/owners end up receiving these abandoned sites for money owed and then are forced to find the resources to clean up and redevelop these sites not only for the good of the constituents, but for community health and safety.
Historical research, environmental assessments, applications for funding, obtaining approved clean-up plans, etc., take time because cities/owners fall prey to the numerous schedules and deadlines of the other local, state and federal agencies and organizations that must be involved.
Yes the Mahoningside site currently is a "gaping hole in the ground." The bottom line is the Mahoningside site didn't become a PCB-contaminated rundown power plant overnight, and it will not become a part of the riverwalk project overnight. While Warren's Mahoningside site is not completed, major accomplishments cannot go unrecognized.
It was imperative to community safety that the smokestacks and the buildings, both with severe structural problems, be demolished. Furthermore, had the demolition of these buildings not occurred, then the dangerous PCB issue that existed may not have been exposed in such a timely manner. Although not beautiful yet, Mahoningside is a much safer and cleaner place to have in the center of the city of Warren.
McCabe Engineering will keep working diligently to ensure the health and safety of the constituents of Girard, while doing our part to ensure a timely and financially responsible project is completed.
X The writer is the president of McCabe Engineering.
Girard is truly in trouble
A letter written by Dan Moadus best describes Girard's city council. I went to a council meeting Monday, and I was surprised to find out how the city is managed.
Our auditor can't tell council how much money we owe. The council does not know what to do about the debt.
The mayor never accepts responsibility for the previous administration's decisions, even though he used to be city treasurer.
I think people should get involved in their city politics and make a change.
Seniors find plenty of life to live -- even after 80
The effect was like having cold water thrown on my face. I had been watching a man on television talking to a group of baby boomers. He was speaking about exercise and what a change it had made in his life.
Hearing from a fat person who became the slim, trim man I was watching, left me wanting to hear more, for staying healthy was a goal I have cherished all my life.
He ended his talk saying that if you followed his words of wisdom and exercise, you could possibly live to be 80.
Thus my feeling of shock and the laughter.
Since I am 80, I had made it. Now what? Should I bring out the rocking chair, get some pets to care for, no longer commit to anything more than self preservation?
No way. Each day is a revelation and a gift. I see the colors, feel the vibrancy all around. Do we ever let go of the child within us? Do we ever not see the beauty of our youth when we look in the mirror? Is the love of your husband or wife diminished by age? Does the enduring love of God ever cease?
No way. There is life after 80.

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