'RAISING HEALTHY, CONFIDENT AND SUCCESSFUL GIRLS' Sportscaster Storm espouses participation

"Go Girl! Raising Healthy, Confident and Successful Girls through Sports" (Sourcebooks, $16.95, May 2002).
Hannah Storm, the NBC sportscaster who served as daytime host for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games and who is currently covering the NBA playoffs, has written her first book.
The book is a primer for athletic and nonathletic parents in how to foster a love of sports throughout the many stages of their daughters' lives. Storm outlines why sports are important to our daughters: Physically active girls have higher GPAs and SAT scores, as well as improved self-esteem and lower risk of teen-age pregnancy and alcohol and drug abuse.
Since girls are six times as likely to drop out of sports by age 12, Storm includes coaching strategies parents can use to keep their daughters involved.
Her book also includes information on over 20 sports by explaining terminology and how the games are played with advice to help parents "get her in the game."

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