Government shouldn't pay for steel pensions

Government shouldn't pay for steel pensions
I wish to express my opposition to the use of any government funds to prop up the pension and benefits of the steel industry workers. Although this is not a popular opinion, I think it is a proper one.
For many years the steel industry conducted labor negotiations much the same as government bodies. The government negotiated with the attitude of give them what they want. We will just pass it on to the taxpayers. The steel industry strategy was give them what they want. We'll pass it on to the consumers.
Then the unthinkable happened. First independent steel producers in the United States started to produce steel at a cheaper price. Next the foreign countries developed their own steel making facilities.
When all this happened Big Steel did not take heed and try to get their costs under control. Their only response was to cry to the federal government to close the gate.
I believe in the use of domestic products. I hate foreign cars or any other products that take American jobs away, but the American worker must do his part. If you have to give up a little to be competitive, do it. The biggest expense of most failing government bodies and large companies is labor costs. Public employees and most steel workers enjoy a benefit plan much more generous than the average American worker. It is unfair to the rest of us who struggle without these benefits to subsidize these inflated plans.
Also, how many of these patriotic souls buy cars from foreign companies, no matter where they are assembled, or shop at the super stores the majority of whose products come from China or other third world countries? If you want to preach "buy American," make sure, wherever possible, to buy the products of American companies produced in the United States.
If you can't live it, don't preach it!
New Springfield
Wildcat kids are the real problem on the roads
I would like to respond to a letter that was in your paper about the "old people" who shouldn't be driving on the road. Well, let me tell you something about those teen-agers and a lot of the younger people too.
The police should pick up these kids around the area schools who drive like wildcats, cutting in front of you without a signal on. They're either smoking cigarettes or talking on their cell phones, and those boom boxes are too too loud. They nearly knock me off my seat. They should not allow that kind of noise, and cell phones should be allowed while driving only in an emergency.
Otherwise, they wouldn't even be able to hear an ambulance coming or any other emergency vehicles.
There certainly is not enough discipline with this younger generation. They don't respect their elders. They seem to be controlling us instead of us controlling them. If they don't listen to you and you tell them you're going to smack their behind, their response is, "You can't hit me. I'll put you in jail."
That's one among many reasons the world is the way it is today. The schools should be allowed to paddle the kids' behinds fast so they don't really hurt them.
I don't care if the law says you can't hit your kids. Their rear ends will get smacked by me.
Some day, these people who are complaining about the "old people" will be old too. Then, maybe, they will understand better.
One more thing, they put so much emphasis on cigarettes. What about drinking alcohol? Try cutting some of these bars out, or put a limit on how much they can drink. If they want to drink, let them stay home and drink a whole case if they want to, instead of drinking and driving.
Many people are killed with these wild drivers out there. Hopefully they will get a rude awakening.
An over 55+ driver.