BECKY SHER | Hype Electronics geared for women

It's a great time to be a woman shopping for electronics. Why? Because it seems like every company that makes something with knobs and buttons is trying to woo female buyers. (Isn't it nice to have suitors falling at your feet?) The latest brand vying for your attention (and money) is a biggie: Sony. The electronics giant has a new line called Sony Liv, designed to look as great as it sounds. The theory behind the line is that the white and silver products will coordinate with your room, whether you've got black walls or a pastel bedspread. (Obviously, they know what a girl wants -- we hate to clash.)
Head to Target (the exclusive retailer of Sony Liv products) to see everything _ from a shower radio to a compact stereo system. And don't forget to check out the line's "clutch radio," an AM/FM radio that looks remarkably similar to the handbags that are all the rage. Sony Liv products range in price from 30 bucks for a radio alarm clock to $150 for the stereo system. The cute clutch will cost you $40.
Tiny fun
Add this to your list of pretty-darn-cute-things-for-under-10-bucks: Mini Kits. (If you don't have such a list, make one and put these on it.) These awesome little kits fit in the palm of your hand, but they're packed with cool stuff. Wondering how that could be? Take the newest addition to the Mini-Kit family: The Mini Sunflower Garden. Open the little box and you'll find a tiny planter, sunflower seeds, a little pellet of soil and a book full of planting advice and sunflower facts. Everything you need to plant a sunflower! The same goes for the Ornamental Grass Kit, which has all the ingredients for a tiny patch of grass, including an itsy pair of scissors to trim it. Very Zen.
The new kits join a whole collection of other boxes of fun, including the Mini Voodoo Kit, the Mini Origami Kit and the Mini Fondue Kit, which we bet is the world's smallest fondue pot. At $6 a pop, this is the cheapest fun you'll find. Check out the whole line at bookstores or online booksellers.
XBecky Sher writes Hype for Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. You can write to her at

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