Recommended fixes
Twenty-six nonmonetary findings are included in the state audits of Girard's 1999 and 2000 books. The recommendations to correct them are:
UEstablish control procedures so the city auditor follows state law so funds are not overdrawn.
UAdopt formal policies to establish controls that would reduce expenditures without the city auditor's certification.
UEstablish procedures to assure the city auditor keeps accurate receipt and disbursement statements.
UEliminate the use of "official checks" drawn on banks to pay contractors and instead use checks from an official city account.
UApproval by the city board of control of construction project change orders.
UApproval by city council, using competitive bidding, of all contracts and purchase agreements entered into by the city service director.
UA review by city council of state law as it applies to competitive bidding and the state Sunshine Law governing meetings of public bodies and misuse of executive sessions.
UDevelopment of procedures by city council to assure its ordinances are complied with and contents of ordinances are accurate, such as making sure funds referred to within ordinances are actual city funds.
UDiscontinue the practice of making out checks to "cash" or to the city. This would reduce the risk of theft or fraud not being detected in a timely manner.
UReview by council and the administration of monthly financial reports as a tool to assure activities are being properly carried out and reported.
UUse of all sources of information available to council before approving expenditures.
UPut all significant contracts and agreements in writing.
Source: State auditor's office

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