Mayor Melfi costing taxpayers thousands

Mayor Melfi costing taxpayers thousands
And so goes the game in the city of Girard. Since the start of the Melfi administration everything has been an "I want attitude." I want that property on State Street; buy it for me. I want a new car to drive around town and while you're at it buy two more for my staff. I can't drive to work in my new car and not have new office furniture to sit on. Let's buy for everyone and so it goes. A pay raise for political appointees in the first few months in office is unheard of, but not in Girard.
The city continues its budget money woes with another $450,000 found by the state auditor and continues to sink into debt along with the loss of employees and service to the public. Yet the mayor shows no sign of personal give-backs to help.
Mr. Melfi is intent on keeping the property on State Street (Clark Gas Station) to satisfy a whim of planting trees there. After two plus years and close to $90,000 being spent, this land sits empty except for weeds. Had the property been sold we would have gained needed tax revenue.
Money needed by the city was spent to purchase three new cars for this administration. These are used for trips to and from work, lunch and maybe a business trip to Warren. In the past a used police vehicle did the job and worked quite well.
Office furniture, even the best purchased at one of the local office supply stores, would run $4,000 per office. Ask your councilmen how this compares to what was actually spent.
In pitting the police and fire departments against each other, the administration has now used one of management's oldest labor tricks hoping it will distract from the real problem.
The discord caused by the administration, compounded by the lack of manpower in the safety forces, is nothing more than poor leadership. The mayor takes no blame for any of the cities problems, although he was city treasurer for 10 years before being elected mayor and should have had some idea of what was going on. His claim of not knowing only points to his leadership ability or lack thereof.
Kennedy coaches always there for their students
I am writing regarding the articles that have been written about Tim Ryan and two of my former coaches.
I had the opportunity to play for Coach Dennis Rossi and Coach Shawn Pompelia since my sophomore year at Kennedy High School.
I would like people in the community to know how these two individuals influenced my life and the many players they coached. The community needs to know that when you graduate from Kennedy's basketball program you do not leave the Kennedy family. I have finished my third year at Walsh University in Canton and my two coaches continue to believe in me.
The one thing that I will never forget as a player is that the coaches have always told the outgoing senior basketball class that "We are always there for you after graduation." Coach Rossi is a man of high integrity, and he taught me that you do not compromise your integrity. No matter what, win or lose, you handle yourself with class.
If you played for Coach Rossi you would appreciate the values he instills in his players. I can see why Tim Ryan has Coach Rossi as a role model. I feel the same for Coach Pompelia. He has supported me by coming to my college football games and he is always on me about my grades. I have had the opportunity to see him perform his job at Second National Bank where I worked for two summers. Coach Pompelia is a high performer for the bank and his clients appreciate his dedication and hard work. I know that he is too honest to put the bank's shareholders or stockholders at risk,.
I believe your paper did an injustice to two quality men who believe in the players that they have coached. I only wish the readers of your paper could have played for Coach Rossi and Coach Pompelia because they would know that I am a better person today for having them as my coaches.
X The writer is a member of the John F. Kennedy High School class of 1999.