Marriage licenses
Demetrios Papakirk, legal age, of 110 LaPorte Drive, Cranberry Twp., Pa., and Rubena Zirounis, legal age, of 3284 Susan Circle, Youngstown.
Matthew R. Colla, 26, of 2007 Bancroft Ave., Youngstown, and Jennifer L. Notareschi, 28, of same.
Thomas D. Macabobby, 25, of 3636 Risher Road, Youngstown, and Danielle R. Weisenborn, 23, of 307 Main Street, Brilliant, Ohio.
Glenn R. Taylor III, 34, of 3765 Fawn Drive, Canfield, and Deborah A. Madeline, 36, of same.
Jason M. Reighart, 23, of 4605 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, and Cathleen R. Ford, 24, of same.
Michael E. Slanina, 36, of 396 W. Calla Road, Poland, and Christine M. Conway, 32, of 5430 Smith Stewart Road, Girard.
Frank S. Baran, 51, of 23 Wesley Ave., Youngstown, and Jill A. Herman, 48, of same.
Ikremah A. Omran, 29, of 7392 Eisenhower Drive, Youngstown, and Ami J. Stackpole, 26, of 922 Kirwin Drive, Youngstown.
Nathaniel M. Sikora, 27, of 510 Boardman-Canfield Road, Apt. 41, Boardman, and Michelle L. Orr, 25, of same.
Steven E. Caleris, 41, of 1775 Woodland Trace, Youngstown, and Norma L. Constance, 40, of same.
Rickey R. Chamberlain, 26, of 10218 Market Street, North Lima, and Lucinda E. Morrison, 23, of same.
Samuel V. Tufaro, 26, of 6617 Katahdin Drive, Poland, and Karri L. Heidel, 27, of 5202 Center Road, Lowellville.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Lisa M. Hayden, released from CCA and put on 2 years probation with other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Kevin W. Wiles, released from CCA and put on 2 years probation with other conditions.
David L. Rea vs. Simon Property Group Inc. et al, partial summary judgment.
Andrea Hoffman vs. TJX Companies Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Donald D. Slater et al vs. Edwin Ott et al, settled and dismissed.
Tanya King vs. Frederick A. Schueter et al, settled and dismissed.
George Dickens et al vs. Harry M. Pough et al, settled and dismissed.
Chase Manhattan vs. Richard W. Miller et al, summary judgment and decree in foreclosure.
Lynn Fair vs. Addiction Programs of Mahoning County et al, settled and dismissed.
Wanda Garcia vs. C. James Conrad et al, settled.
Ramunno Builders Inc. vs. Robert A. Dirusso, settled and dismissed.
Frank M. Ramun et al vs. Youngstown Orthopedic Assoc. Inc. et al, dismissed.
Home Savings and Loan vs. Mary Lou Luc et al, judgment entry decree of judgment.
Vernay C. Owens vs. William T. Winfield et al, settled and dismissed.
Wetsel Inc. vs. J and J Gardens Inc. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
John R. Swierz et al vs. Blairhaven Entertainment et al, judgment for plaintiffs.
TY Construction vs. Vincent J. Furrie Jr. et al, verdict for plaintiff.
Probate court
Will of Helen M. Beatty: estate to husband, Joseph P., with specific bequests.
Will of Charlene K. Wimer: estate to husband, Robert E. Jr.
Will of Joseph J. Hudak: estate to Darlene MacBenn, Joseph MacBenn, Margaret Deemer, Christine Flack, Rudolph Hudak, Richard Hudak, Ann Hudak, Cynthia Frohman, and Joanne K. Deemer, with specific bequests.
Will of Carl T. Pierson: estate to trustee of Carl T. Pierson Revocable Trust, with specific bequests.
Will of Kathryn E. Williams: estate to son, Edward J. Meyer.
Will of Ruth K. Meir: estate to children, Ralph and John Meir, Margaret Eaton and Hilda Reggi, with specific bequests.
Will of Dennis M. Johnson: estate to wife, Mary Ann.
Will of Mary Peachock: estate to nephew, Frank A. Naples Sr., with specific bequests.
Will of Gene C. Davis: estate to children, Gene R. Davis, Rory M. Robertson Leslie G. Wells, Gina C. Uptegraph, Barbara J. Kennedy and Lois A. Miller, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Michele K. Tirabassi to Fourteen State Street Holdings, Struthers, $55,000.
John R. Reeves to Thomas E. Gandee et al, Springfield Twp., $20,000.
Bank One to Gary Swick et al, Canfield, $105,000.
Louis N. Vitullo et al to Scott E. Stenglein et al, Austintown Twp., $89,500.
Marie A. Delphry to William S. Duritza, Youngstown, $55,000.
Eileen C. Rinehart to Todd A. Kinderdine et al, Boardman Twp., $133,000.
Vinyl Factory Outlet Inc. to David T. Warfel, Youngstown, $43,800.
Cheryl Johnston to Virginia A. Irwin, Youngstown, $12,500.
Andrew C. Tolch to Brent E. Holbrook et al, Austintown Twp., $114,500.
Fredric A. Sutton to Matthew L. Fish, Craig Beach Village, $44,900.
Delores G. Frost to Margaret A. Pawlik, Austintown Twp., $115,000.
Mary J. Wesler to James Watkins, Youngstown, $9,500.
Andrew T. Saunders to James A. Nordquist et al, Boardman Twp., $79,500.
James Gomori et al to Sandra M. Pisano et al, Boardman Twp., $90,737.
GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Leonard A. Dulay et al, Canfield Twp., $301,208.
R. Lucente and Sons Construction to Joseph R. Wojciak et al, Austintown Twp., $79,000.
Louise R. Nuth to Steven O. Iacobucci, Youngstown, $46,250.
Leah J. Wagner et al to Justin M. Petrello, Youngstown, $55,000.
James W. Watson to Stephen J. Premec, Youngstown, $29,000.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Keith Lecount, Youngstown, $ 24,000.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Dewayne Lockhara, Youngstown, $22,000.
Henriko V. Chung to Dewayne Lockhart, Youngstown, $22,500.
Rolanda J. Ellis to James Carter, Youngstown, $10,000.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Arthur J. Deininger et al, Youngstown, $25,000.
Henri Ko Chung to Keith Lecount, Youngstown, $22,000.
Patricia A. Calautti to Pandyl Association Inc. et al, Youngstown, $150,000.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Keith Lecount, Youngstown, $21,000.
Joan L. Musolf to Anthony Carrera et al, Ellsworth Twp., $258,000.
John A. Volinsky Jr. to Jason Arnold et al, Youngstown, $62,000.
Noemi Lopez to Promise Land Development Co., Youngstown, $9,000.
Roy D. Shaffer Jr. to Ray Wetzel, Beloit, $109,000.
Janice C. Davis et al to Joseph J. Founce et al, Austintown Twp., $120,000.
Almerinda Ciarniello et al to Thomas E. Puz et al, Austintown Twp., $103,377.
John G. Sisalaus et al to Robert M. Tarcy et al, Campbell, $10,000.
Y-town Realty to Desmond J. Hilson et al, Youngstown, $53,000.
James A. White to Rodney A. Scenna et al, Boardman Twp., $83,500.
Ronald E. Ellis et al to Rudolph T. Tatar Jr. et al, Youngstown, $45,000.
Felecita Velez to Kendall Investments Inc., Youngstown, $9,000.
Marykaye Carlson to Vincent P. Pecchia et al, Boardman Twp., $235,000.
JoAnn D. Olson, trustee to Timothy E. Batton et al, Canfield, $177,000.
William Sosnosky et al to Jon Holloway, Boardman Twp., $45,000.
Bank One to Jeffrey R. Lund, Youngstown, $39,000.
David J. Donnelly et al to Robert Kapalko et al, Youngstown, $58,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Frank Felt, 2117 Coleman Drive, Youngstown, parts manager, Warren Toyota; liabilities, $9,842; assets, $2,100.
Michele M. Coney, 2267 Selma Ave., Youngstown, customer service rep., MCI; liabilities, $135,471; assets, $73,066.
Alexander D. Caruso Jr., 1623 Atkinson Ave., Youngstown, janitorial/dishwasher, West Ford Roadhouse; liabilities, $168,616; assets, $8,800.
Karen Dill, 509 W. Princeton Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $67,560; assets, $15,600.

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