CANFIELD Trustees plan to press for Gibson Road work

Two of the trustees say the project is needed to improve safety on the road.
CANFIELD -- Two township trustees plan to "squeeze" the third trustee until she comes around to their point of view on the Gibson Road widening and resurfacing project.
Trustees are meeting in special session at noon Thursday in the township hall to vote on the project.
The project has to be approved unanimously. If Trustee Judy Bayus casts a dissenting vote Thursday, trustees Paul Moracco and Bill Reese said they'll hold votes on the project at each subsequent trustee meeting until it is approved.
"We're going to continue to keep the pressure on ... and just keep the squeeze on her," Moracco said. He added that if Bayus doesn't attend the meeting, both he and Reese will vote for the project, which will then pass unanimously.
Opposes project
Bayus has opposed plans to improve the road in the past. She could not be reached to comment Monday.
At a meeting April 22, Bayus said nothing could be done to make her vote for the project.
Reese described the road as "a safety hazard in our community." The upgrading project calls for the road, which is 10 feet to 12 feet wide, to be resurfaced and widened in sections to 20 feet. The state would help pay for the project using $230,000 in Issue 2 money. About 30 residents attended the April 22 meeting to express their opinion on the road. Some worried that the road is unsuitable for school buses; others said the road should be preserved to help keep a rural atmosphere. Opinion appeared to be evenly split.
A group of local residents has sued the trustees to stop plans to install a waterline along the road. The residents won, but the trustees are appealing. The waterline was installed earlier this year by a developer who is building homes at the west end of the road.

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