Don't confuse job title with academic rank

Don't confuse job title with academic rank
A chart used in your April 29 article on YSU faculty salaries demonstrates the importance of using the term professor correctly.
The chart on page 2 of that issue showed YSU ranking 13th out of 26 universities in the II-A category in Ohio and surrounding states. But that chart dealt only with those faculty at the rank of professor (i.e., full professor) rather than an overall faculty average. I did some analysis of the same set of data for those 26 schools and found that YSU ranks:
13th of 26 at professor
16th of 26 at associate professor
17th of 26 at assistant professor
14th of 19 at instructor (7 did not have faculty at the rank of Instructor)
Even if those schools were truly peer institutions to YSU -- and not everyone feels that they are -- the use of the term professor needs to be clarified so as not confuse that particular faculty rank with a generic term for university faculty overall.
X The writer is an associate professor in the computer science & amp; information systems department at YSU and is the 1st vice president of YSU-OEA
Another loose dog strikes
My family would like to thank Officer Hanley and Officer DeMain of the Poland Township Police Department.
Recently, our pet rabbit was grabbed from his cage and killed by a dog on the loose from a block away. My two sons witnessed the rabbit in the dog's mouth.
It was a terrible week for all of us.
Officer Hanley was very efficient yet caring with my children. He went out of his way to contact the animal control officer who also went out of his way to assist. Officer DeMain made sure all was handled and that the dog was properly secured.
To all you dog owners with unlicensed, unsecured animals -- shame on you. Don't tie a dog up and leave for work. It could have been a child instead of our pet.
Taxpayers should have a say on Anthem windfall
With The Vindicator as my sole source of information, it seems the Anthem Inc. stock issue will cause a problem between the Youngstown school board and the union employees who had health coverage provided by Anthem.
It seems the board feels this found money is theirs to spend in any manner they choose. The employee group feels that this was a fringe benefit adjustment, and they should share in the distribution. It is easy to understand both parties wanting to take advantage of the windfall, but they're ignoring a third party of higher priority.
The Mahoning County property taxpayer should be considered as the top priority in distribution. Funds required by local governments, including school districts, require the establishment of a levy, subject to the vote of the residents. I feel that a reduction levy is in order returning this windfall to the taxpayers.
500 attended rally, but story focused on protest
I was extremely disturbed to see your coverage of the Jewish community's Israel Solidarity Rally held last Thursday, April 25 at the Jewish Community Center.
While we held a very successful, informative, emotional and educational gathering attracting over 500 people, both Jews and non-Jews, politicians, educators and concerned citizens, and while your subscribers could have gained a much broader perspective on the situation in the Middle East had you reported what went on inside, your story chose to focus on the protesters marching outside spewing anger and hate.
You did a disservice to your readers, to the Jewish community and to all those who attended the rally.