Marriage licenses
Christopher R. Rappach, 24, of 720 Sable Court, Youngstown, and Melinda L. Ross, 26, of 1333 Redtail Hawk, #3, Youngstown.
Timothy H. Pyles, 27, of 275 Forsythe Ave., Youngstown, and Carissa A. Finch, 25, of 2438 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown.
Emmanuel L. Santiago, 26, of 661 Coitsville-Hubbard, Youngstown, and Heather Malone, 26, of 3346 DeCamp Road, Youngstown.
Daniel J. Medvec, 24, of 260 Elm Court, Struthers, and Christine Kortes, 23, of 476 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. D-38, Youngstown.
Paul J. Canter, 26, Fairfield, Conn., and Nicole M. DiLullo, 23, of same.
Dominic F. Conti, 25, of 544 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, and Renee V. Hrycak, 25, of 3035 Canfield Road, #8, Youngstown.
Divorces asked
Candace L. Karyakos, 306 E. Clark St., East Palestine, vs. Angelo N. Karyakos, 6151 McCartney Road. Lowellville.
Jeanne M. Greuter, 567 Greenmont Drive, Canfield, vs. Arie Greuter, Sherrills Ford, N.C.
Latisha London, 111 Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, vs. Jerry London III, c/o 838 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.
Anna Marie Fitzgerald, 10685 New Buffalo Road, North Lima, vs. Brad Fitzgerald, 20 Melrose Ave., Boardman.
New complaints
Rainbow Rentals Inc. vs. Latonia Thomas, money.
Ramon D. Scott et la, vs. Joshua D. Hawk, money.
Katherine L. MacDonald et al vs. Kane Lawn Service et al, money.
Clarence Satterfield vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, money.
Benita Williams vs. Nicholai H. Rossio, money.
First Place Bank vs. Donald Bagdassarian Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Sarah Thomas vs. Affordable Home Improvement et al, money.
First Place Bank vs. Estate of Johnnie L King et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. William J. Heid et al, foreclosure.
Rental Service Corp. vs. Palek Corp. et al, money.
The Provident Bank vs. Brenda A. Roth et al, money.
Marianne Quiring vs. C. James Conrad et al, workers' compensation.
Thomas Slaven vs. Commercial Intertech Corp. et al, workers' compensation.
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. William H. Rice et al, foreclosure.
Simon Capital Ltd. Partnership vs. Armadillo's Restaurant Inc. et al, money.
Equicredit vs. Karen A. Williams et al, money.
Wells Fargo vs. Donna Zuzan et al, money.
Alfred DeRose vs. Michael Stucky, money.
Kim Boulton vs. Humility House et al, workers' compensation.
Frank Karcher vs. Vinylume Products Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Docket entries
State vs. Calvin Roby, dismissed.
Same vs. Dale W. Ross, three years supervised community control; 6 months license suspension.
Brian Beach vs. Bike Nashbar Inc., settled.
Robert Hopkins vs. Ramona L. Vines, same.
Jack Leihtman et al vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, dismissed.
Ray Baughman Jr. et al vs. Daniel Onderin, settled.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Donald Beach et al, dismissed.
Household Realty vs. Deborah D. Jennings et al, foreclosure.
MTG Electronic vs. Linda J. Roe et al, dismissed.
Howard L. Scheetz vs. Express Carriers et al, settled.
Keybank USA vs. Linda Peoples et al, foreclosure.
First Place vs. Robert M. Miller et al, foreclosure.
Carrington South Health vs. Tyco Fire and Security, settled.
Charter One Bank vs. Paul A. Bindas Jr. et al, dismissed.
Travelers Bank and Trust vs. Dolly M. Nicholson et al, dismissed.
James Mays admr. vs. Danielle Taylor et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Allstate Insurance Co. vs. James Mays admr. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
State vs. Lawrence Coward Sr., two years monitored community control.
Same vs. Paul J. Amon, six months monitored community control.
Guiseppe Occhibove vs. Nicholas Resek et al, settled.
Conseco Finance vs. Henry M. Brodzinski et al, confirming sale.
Option One Mortgage Corp. vs. Lashawn Jones et al, confirming sheriff's sale.
TMS Mortgage vs. Michelle Coney et al, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Tina M. Runyon et al, confirmation of sale.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Benjamin Bundy et al, foreclosure.
First Nationwide vs. Edward Davis et al, foreclosure.
Kenneth Cross Sr. vs. Jewell Craft, judgment for plaintiff.
Bank of New York vs. Tina L. McDaniel et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Ecko M. Edwards et al, foreclosure.
Gordon Proctor Dir. vs. Mary L. DePietro et al, settled and dismissed.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. vs. Kenneth Askey et al, foreclosure.
Anchor Cigar & amp; Candy Co. vs. Candace S. Beight, judgment for plaintiff.
Probate Court
Will of Martha Dubosh: estate to brother, John Dubosh and sister, Irma Biroschak; with specific bequests.
Will of Agnes Fair: estate to children, Billie A. McElrath and Nora B. Plant.
Will of Leroy Wuthrich: estate to wife, Martha.
Will of Phillip Wagman: estate to daughter, Irene Peplowski.
Real estate transfers
Cynthia Watkins to Shannel Y. Heard, Youngstown, $21,500.
Florence V. Libb to John J. Pera et al, Canfield Twp., $9,000.
Jeffrey D. Schantz et al, to Ryan S. Catcott et al, Boardman Twp., $96,500.
Paula A. Anderson to Thomas Beeton et al, Boardman Twp., $15,000.
Valley Land Management Co. Ltd. to Charles R. Paden et al, Austintown Twp., $71,667.
Valley Land Management Co. Ltd., to Charles R. Paden et al, Austintown Twp., $71,667.
Darlene Yozwiak to Michael W. Bagnoli et al, Boardman Twp., $102,500.
Anthony Boggs et al to City of Youngstown, $41,800.
Viola Sainato to Mark J. Hagan et al, Austintown Twp., $118,000.
William A. Bruss et al to David A. Ruggieri et al, Canfield Twp., $295,000.
Howard Welch et al to Rosemary Glass, Austintown Twp., $184,000.
Anthony Dasceazo to Jacqueline Hill, Youngstown, $45,500.
Betty Fajcak to Orrie W. Wentz et al, Austintown Twp., $70,500.
George Bentfield Jr. et al to Charles Muth, Boardman Twp., $165,000.
Mary Margaret Vantell et al to Brent J. Whan et al, Boardman Twp., $73,500.
Delores Nero to Gerald Chizmar et al, Boardman Twp., $155,000.
Timothy E. Batton et at to Frank Gursky, Ellsworth Twp., $149,000.
Madalyn Pauley et al to Habib Khoury, Youngstown, $60,000.
Edward M. Brian to Ryan R. Sell et al, Youngstown, $25,000.
Virginia Hallas to Joseph F. Hallas et al, Youngstown, $30,000.
Ernest Rogers et al to David J. Roberts, Lowellville Village, $65,000.
Marian Kay et al to Patrick Siciliano, Youngstown, $77,000.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota vs. William George, Poland Twp., $56,000.
Karl C. Fink et al to Misty L. Koletich, Boardman Twp., $66,000.
Joseph R. Shushok et al to Donald E. Gant Jr., Boardman Twp., $123,000.
Nancy J. Yeager to Cherie A. Hayek, Boardman Twp., $104,000.
Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. to Chad M. Herbert, Sebring Twp., $63,000.
Michael K. Obendorfer et al to Lance G. Laoke et al, Canfield Twp., $164,900.
Beverly J. Mumaw to Donald Cole et al, Austintown Twp., $73,300.
Barbara J. DeVincent to Larry F. Meenachan, Youngstown, $24,500.
Keith Wekly et al to William Miller, Austintown Twp., $58,500.
David Westerberg et al to Michael A. Madsen et al, Poland Twp., $137,900.
Amy L.Locke to Robert F. Rupp, Austintown Twp. $65,000.
Mary E. Zastany to Arlene E. Durrett, Youngstown, $47,900.
Albert A. Bagnoly Sr. to Kerry A. Price, Austintown Twp., $67,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Clarence Jr. and Tammy McKoy, 42 Water St., Campbell; he: unemployed; she: housekeeper, Maplecrest Nursing; liabilities, $65,506; assets, $38,993.
Hayden L. Ballinger, Youngstown; corrections officer, DYS State of Ohio; liabilities, $48,378; assets, $36,900.
John and Evelyn Holovatyk, 3256 Hmmingbird Hill Drive, Youngstown; he: loan officer, R.E. Mortgage Center Inc.; she: supervisor, Mahoning County Auditor's Office; liabilities, $345,712; assets, $194,630.
Patricia J. Case, 2021 Elberen St., Youngstown; cashier, PharMor; liabilities, $40,392; assets, $25,403.
Jennifer L. Chester, 177 Surrey Lane, Canfield; gas attendant, AFS-Canfield Inc.; liabilities, $90,963; assets, $67,989.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Lori A. DeMart, 138 Fitch Blvd., Youngstown; palletizer,Tamco Distributors Inc.; liabilities, $26,461; assets, $24,191.

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