Flyweights: William Rios (Campbell) won by decision over Chris Simeone (Girard); Charles Fagan (Cardinal Mooney) winner RSC (referee stopped contest) round 3 over Shawn Maldonado (Campbell).
Bantamweights: Cameron Cimino (Boardman) won by decision over Nick Lucarell (Cardinal Mooney); Terry Hacon (Austintown Fitch) won by decision over Frank Celender (Hubbard).
Featherweights: Adam Graban (Hubbard) won by decision over Albert Schmalzried (Mathews); Steve Perry (Mineral Ridge) winner RSC round one over Steve Fox (Campbell).
Lightweights: Gary Chaney (Girard) won by decision over Mike Scurti (Austintown Fitch); Brandon Houston (Keystone) winner RSC round 2 over Juan Vega (Woodrow Wilson).
Super-Lightweights: Mike Sackela (Austintown Fitch) winner disqualification over Prince Butler (Keystone); Phillip Williamson (Sharon) winner RSC round 2 over Brandon Holmes (Champion).
Junior Welterweights: Tim Bradley (Mathews) winner RSC round one over Randy Wilson (Campbell); Greg Cruz (Campbell) won by decision over Sam Resinger (Reynolds).
Welterweights: Rick Miller (Badger) winner RSC round 3 over Robert Grim (Keystone); John Butler (Ursuline) winner RSC round 2 over Caleb Smith (Liberty).
Middleweights: Kiez Smith (Boardman) winner retirement round 2 over Tim Cornelius (Sharon); Anthony Hrcsovsky (Champion) won by decision over John Jerome (McDonald).
Super Middleweights: Jake Turiceo (Campbell) won by decision over Mike Harrison (Champion); Mike Rosa (Chaney) RSC round one over Luther Thomas (Campbell).
Light heavyweights: Anthony Fidram (Hubbard) won by decision over Nathan Paul (Ursuline); Ryan Mattocks (Liberty) won by decision Jose Mateo (Campbell).
Bantamweight: Justin Wess (Hubbard) winner default.
Featherweights: Dan Ramun (Poland) won by decision over Matt Howell (Boardman); Jeremiah Bowser (Sharpsville) won by decision over Dave Christy (Keystone).
Lightweights: Dominic Leonelli (Woodrow Wilson) won by decision over Jeramey May (Hubbard); Tom Fiscus (Struthers) won by decision over Myron Williams (Hubbard).
Super Lightweights: Frank Sackela (Austintown Fitch) winner default; Billy Poole (Ursuline) winner RSC round 3 over Dale Basista (Austintown Fitch).
Welterweights: Ben Martin (Western Reserve) winner disqualification round one over Mike Allshouse (Keystone); Raul Ortiz (Campbell) won by decision over Jake Sauceman (Austintown Fitch).
Middleweights: Chris Horton (Hubbard) won by decision over Jon Drennen (Liberty); Dwayne Pompey (Woodrow Wilson) winner RSC round one over Ryan Engelhardt (Western Reserve).
Super Middleweights: Robert Williamson (Sharon) won by decision over Joe'Man Guilford (Chaney); Mike Marvin (Liberty) won by decision over Anthony Smith (Hubbard).
Light heavyweights: Dave Phillips (Hubbard) won by decision over Jason Hollabaugh (Campbell); Jon Kelly (Boardman) won by decision over Mike West (Hubbard).
Heavyweights: Antonio Owens (Hubbard) winner RSC round one over Tom Haynes (Boardman); Billy DeCola (Canfield) and Brandon Winner (Liberty) fought to a draw.
Super Heavyweights: George Key (Boardman) won by decision over Lidel Hilson (Hubbard); Ryan Lindsey (Greenville) winner RSC round 3 over Cody Kelly (Boardman).

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