TRUMBULL LAW DAY Lieutenant governor speaks

The lieutenant governor encouraged lunch guests to display positive patriotism.
HOWLAND -- The lieutenant governor urged those attending Trumbull County Bar Association's annual Law Day luncheon to contribute to the community.
Maureen O'Connor, who spoke Wednesday in Leo's Ristorante, said taking part in the community is a way for Americans to celebrate their freedom.
"Find an organization that interests you and seek out opportunities to help," O'Connor said. "For example, an outgoing sixth-grader might decide to volunteer at a local nursing home and spend time visiting with residents who don't often receive guests. Look for ways to make your community a better place to live."
O'Connor also said that since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks many Americans have wanted to show their patriotism and she encouraged all those in attendance to do so.
Actions speak volumes
"Patriotism shows itself in people who love, support and defend their country and the ideals on which that country was founded: ideals such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of choice," O'Connor said.
"Think of the student who bravely stands up to the school bully to protect a smaller child. What about the young single mother working two jobs to give her child a better future? How about the police officer who teaches young children about the importance of saying no to drugs?
"I would argue that all three of these exemplify the ideals of patriotism since each one illustrates someone taking a stand to do what's right."
She noted that America consists of people of different races and backgrounds.
"Understanding and embracing differences in cultures, religions and lifestyle choices is essential in assuring justice for all," O'Conner said.

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