PONDEROSA PARK Attorney to work on taxes

The Salem-area park has been in bankruptcy court since November 2000.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Goshen Township trustees are tired of waiting for someone to do something about a growing property-tax delinquency at Ponderosa Park.
"Something has to be done," said Trustee Abe Bricker. "And we're taking steps to do that."
At the trustees' urging, Mahoning County commissioners were expected to vote today on hiring an outside attorney to work on recovering some $430,000 the entertainment complex allegedly owes.
Under Ohio law, commissioners must ask common pleas court judges for permission to hire outside legal counsel, Kubic said.
Commissioners are taking the step in cooperation with the county prosecutor's office, said county Administrator Gary Kubic.
"This matter has been tossed around in bankruptcy court for a while," Kubic said. "We want to pursue recovery of the taxes."
Lawyer's sole purpose
The prosecutor's office has done as much as possible, but has other cases to work on, Kubic said.
He said officials believe it would be best to hire an outside lawyer whose sole focus will be on recouping the money.
They propose hiring Atty. Andrew Suhar of Youngstown, who handles bankruptcy cases.
Ponderosa Park is a campground and entertainment complex on state Route 45, near Salem. It was forced into U.S. Bankruptcy Court nearly two years ago by creditors including the county.
Bricker said some 90 percent of the delinquent money would be distributed to the West Branch School District, with the rest going to various departments within the township.
"We've had enough," he said. "It's time to see some action."

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