Marriage licenses
Andrew L. Townsend, 45, of 361 Cornell Ave., Youngstown, and Janice D. Nix, 42, of same.
Paul W. Mauch, 22, of 3603 Belden Ave., Youngstown, and Nicole P. Wallace, 20, of same.
Michael J. Serrecchio, 50, of 3411 Powersway, Youngstown, and Heidi A. Noble, 41, of 116 Cassandra Drive, Niles.
Eddie R. Smith, 45, of 1417 35th St. Ensley, Birmingham, Ala., and Marcia Ramsey Johnson, 50, of same.
William W. Brown, 40, of R.D. 1, Box 314, Allegheny Springs Road, Youngsville, Pa., and Aimee L. Dechambeau, 35, of same.
Divorces asked
Ramona Martin Sareed, 131 Williamson Ave., Youngstown vs. Abdullah Sareed, 1366 Dryden, Youngstown.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Jeffrey Rini, sentenced to 3 years.
State of Ohio vs. Charlotte Bowers, 3 years monitored community control.
Tonja Pemberton vs. Eric Montgomery et al, satisfied.
Ami Rice vs. Jae Lee et al, settled and dismissed.
Jack E. Lanterman et al vs. Bobby, Michael et al, settled and dismissed.
Conseco Fin. Services vs. Clementine Mills et al, dismissed.
Ronald Timlin vs. William E. Flickeneger et al, settled and dismissed.
LuenettleGreen vs. Maria Mason et al, judgment in cross-claim.
Alliance Mtg. Col. vs. Archie Mack Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Joseph Craft vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, settled and dismissed.
Huntington National vs. Ann Marie Brown et al, confirming sale.
Corina Reeher et al vs. John Lindsey et al, settled and dismissed.
First National Bank of Pa. vs. Donald L. Holloway, dismissed.
Hastings Mutual Ins. Co. et al vs. Anthony G. Johnson et al, dismissed.
Frank Thomas vs. Candace Dixon, settled and dismissed.
Wells Fargo vs. Annie Chapman et al, confirming sale.
Wells Fargo vs. Sabrina Fisher et al, dismissed.
Joseph Stephens vs. Gary R. Eckenrode , judgment for plaintiff.
Atlantic Mtg. vs. Robert Shaffer Jr. et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon et al vs. Love and Unity Ministries Inc. et al, foreclosure.
Charlene Campana vs. Henry Koch et al, dismissed.
Standard Fed. vs. Keri J. Tusinac et al, foreclosure.
Holly Bacon vs. Carl Cook et al, settled and dismissed.
Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Dale A. Miller et al, dismissed.
Daugherty Davis Co. vs. Michelle Tirabassi et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Ebbets Partners vs. Thomas J. Chizmar et al, dismissed.
Household Fin. Services vs. Julie L. Hutchinson et al, confirmation of sale.
State of Ohio vs. Timothy P. Warne, 2 years monitored community control.
State of Ohio vs. Dwayne Scott, sentenced to 1 year to run concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Michele L. May, 3 years supervised community control; to run concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Justin Patterson, 2 years monitored community control; with specifications.
State of Ohio vs. Michael J. Romeo, 1 year on each count, to be served concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Christopher Rogers, 2 years monitored community control.
Angela Djisheff vs. James F. Scott Jr. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Constance Bailey vs. Greenwood Nissan, satisfied.
Dennis Gruber et al vs. James Vallos et al, dismissed.
Joseph Jakovina vs. Lowes Home Centers Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Shawna Ashton vs. Admr. BWC et al, settled and dismissed.
Firstar Bank vs. Teddy E. Bonds et al, confirming sale.
Altina Clark et al vs. Lindsay M. Keller et al, dismissed.
Joseph J. Kolat et al vs. John Crawford, settled and dismissed.
Jack Boano Jr. vs. Milton Mitchell Jr. et al, satisfied.
Equicredit vs. Cheryl Ashley et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Roy D. Phifer Jr. et al, foreclosure.
West American Ins. Co. vs. Renee McDowell, default judgment for plaintiff.
Citifinancial Mtg. vs. William J. Markovich et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Julia L. Ells et al, dismissed.
Olympus Servicing LP vs. Elmer L. Parsons et al, dismissed.
Phillip M. Pezzuto et al vs. Space Center Ohio Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Hattie L. Johnson: estate to cousins, John R. Whitaker and Tomorris Whitaker.
Will of Lonnie Johnson: estate to cousins, John R. Whitaker and Tomorris Whitaker.
Will of Donald Chachko: estate to wife, Matilda.
Will of John M. Sabo: estate to wife, Virginia H.
Will of Anna K. Fodiak: estate to husband, Joseph.
Will of Winifred Ward: estate to son, Ronald (granddaughter, Rhonda L. Ward).
Will of Margaret E. Kavesky: estate to Margaret Pinter and Jerry Bartas.
Will of Joseph M. Gill: estate to wife, Cecelia C.
Will of Lawrence F. McGuinness: estate to nephews, James P. McGuinness, and Arthur McGuinness; and niece, Mary Jo Kettering.
Real estate transfers
Barbara Witzel to Mona Floor, West Branch School District, $5,000.
Jeanette L. Moore et al to Nicholas Mayhew et al, Boardman Twp., $63,500.
Michael S. Panzeri et al to Robert V. Howell et al, Canfield City, $199,000.
John M. Penza et al to Keith Adams et al, Youngstown, $120,000.
John M. Penza et al to Keith Adams et al, Youngstown, $24,000.
Marian Kay et al to Patrick P. Siciliano, Youngstown, $77,000.
Docket entries
David Plaskin vs. Ogden Newspapers Inc., settled and dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mtg. Corp. vs. Robert C. Bergman II, confirmation of sale.
Thomasine Davis vs. Lester Markle, dismissed.
University Hospitals vs. David Cox, judgment for plaintiff.
First Place Bank vs. Anthony Gutierrez, confirmation of sale.
Richard E. Dye vs. Dennis G. Thomas, dismissed.
Donald G. Fritsch vs. Administrator at Bureau, dismissed.
City of Warren vs. Terry L. Brannon, dismissed.
Carol Bunea vs. Harold Holiday, settled and dismissed.
James Swager vs. Metal Services, dismissed.
Progress Max Ins. Co. vs. William McCullough, dismiss William McCullough only.
William Bender vs. A-Best Products Co., dismissed.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Dennis E. Richards, dismissed.
Katherine Whitmore vs. Linda A. Diehl, settled and dismissed.
James Brett vs. Linda S. Wilson, settled.
Kevin O. Crawford vs. Tina M. Vega, settled.
Jonathan J. Hapcic vs. G. M. Lordstown, dismissed.
Suzan Stabile vs. Jacqueline Camerlengo, settled and dismissed.
Earl Casterline vs. Toni Marcheskie Atty., dismissed.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Christopher Gallagher, foreclosure.
Meghan M. Turon vs. Auto-Owners Mutual, settled.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Kenneth Hunt, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Robert Hernandez, judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank vs. Geraldine Messersmith, judgment for plaintiff.
Citimortgage Inc. vs. Richard D. Park, dismissed.
Mildred C. Dieter vs. Boak & amp; Sons Inc., dismissed.
Stella Rousou vs. Stacey Seminara, dismissed.
John P. Dutting II vs. Scott J. Gladd, dismissed.
Judy G. Worley vs. George R. Lehman, satisfied.
Christ Michelakis vs. Steven Gullich, foreclosure.
Robert Cavender vs. Joseph Diviest, settled.
Vicki Lago vs. Warren General Hospital, settled.
Patricia Turkovic vs. General Motors, dismissed.
Mid American Management vs. HLG Inc., default granted.
Boonlert Heidbrider vs. William McKnight, settled.
Farmers National Bank vs. Anthony Apostolakis, confirmation of sale.
Rochelle L. Locke vs. WCI Steel Inc., dismissed
Charlene A. Lafferty vs. American Honda Motor Co., settled.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. John Kloos Jr., foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Harold A. Wix, default judgment granted.
John E. Denno vs. Pam Miller, St. Elizabeth Health Center is dismissed.
Ameriquest Mortgage Co. vs. Nicholas Caesar Jr., settled and dismissed.
New Holland Credit Comp. vs. Daniel H. Anderson, dismissed.
Thomas M. Wilkinson vs. John B. Neilan, settled and dismissed.
United Companies vs. Mae Bell Frazier, settled and dismissed.
Beverly Bartko vs. Albert Evans M.D., dismissed.
Maria R. Vennette vs. Allstate Ins., dismissed.
Betty Mays vs. Reese Wynn Winyard, settled and dismissed.
Mary Smith vs. Anthony Ricci, judgment for defendant. Lisa A. Tate exec. vs. Autumn Hills Care Center, settled and dismissed.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Marlo Parker, foreclosure.
Sky Bank National Assoc. vs. James R. Stewart, judgment for plaintiff.
Scharba Excavating Inc. vs. Joby Hackett, dismissed.
Midfirst Bank vs. Melvin D. Cobb, confirmation of sale.
Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Co. vs. Jonathan Anders, confirmation of sale.
Allstate Ins. Co. vs. Pamela Taylor, dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Pegasus Chauffeured, default granted.
Citifinancial Mortgage Co. vs. John E. McAllister Jr., foreclosure.
Jeffrey D. McFalls vs. Thomas Gunter, settled and dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota vs. Della Mechling et al, settled and dismissed.
Drue A. Rice vs. James Conrad admr., dismissed.
Mildred Sparks vs. John R. Lyons, dismissed.

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