Austintown school officials seek missing walkie-talkie

AUSTINTOWN -- School officials here are looking for a $720 walkie-talkie that's been missing since Saturday, when three students tried to take speakers and a stereo from Fitch High School.
The three students, a 16-year-old of Aldrich Road, a 16-year-old of New Road and an 18-year-old of Abbott Street have been suspended for 10 days.
Police reports state that the students, who were attending Saturday school, can be shown removing the items, worth about $200, from a Fitch media room on a surveillance tape.
The students left the stereo and the speakers in a stairwell, where they was found Monday.
On Monday, the Aldrich Road teen returned a $40 keyboard that had been taken from the media room and said the teens did not take the radio.
He told police that the 18-year-old had suggested pawning the equipment.
He did not say why they left the equipment in the stairwell.

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