Traficant is a patriot and a man of the people

Traficant is a patriot and a man of the people
Good people of Youngstown, do not let the corporate media sway your opinion when it comes to your own congressman. Jim Traficant was railroaded out of Congress because he stands up for the American people, he tells the truth about the corruption in Washington, and the powers that be are afraid of him.
One only has to go to Jimbo's "one minute speeches & quot; at his website, to verify the veracity of this claim. When Congressman Traficant talked about our steel industry dying, claiming "that 25 American steel companies filed for bankruptcy," he was absolutely right. Congress is more interested in their free trade laws, and globalism and one world government that will make America as poor as a third world country.
Traficant stood up in Congress and asked to abolish the IRS, but the folks in the unethical ethics committee won't dare tell the American public that our income tax money goes to the United Nations and the international bankers that have bankrupted the United States since Woodrow Wilson violated the Constitution, which gives only Congress the power to coin money.
When Mr. Traficant told the ethics committee that Janet Reno is a traitor in 2001, he was right on the money. The Clinton/Bush administration is still trading with China, even though China has threatened America with nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, Judicial Watch is still fighting to bring Clinton and Reno to justice.
And what does all this prove? That Jim Traficant fights for the people of Youngstown and America. He is a thorn in the side of government corruption, abuse and down right treason, and that's why this Congress wanted him out.
Mingo Junction
Not a Traficant fan, but having second thoughts
I am not now or ever been a fan of James Traficant. Notwithstanding his rhetoric concerning all he has done for this community, I fail to see anything but the national laughter at his buffoonery that has made this area infamous.
The reason for this letter is the article in the Sunday Vindicator concerning the scandal of the 1960s in the Boston FBI. After reading this news story, I changed some of my thinking.
Maybe there just might be a grain of truth in some of Mr. Traficant's allegations, not all of them. I do believe that the IRS and the FBI have had too much power given to them and they use it injudiciously to the detriment of the citizens for whom they are working.
I do believe that maybe the only law that Mr. Traficant had a hand in passing that is to his credit was that limiting their power.
He's nuts; maybe y'all are
Recent revelations about your congressman, James Traficant, are simply amazing. It is easy to see that he is a man who needs psychiatric assistance over the next several months.
What amazed me most, however, was the fact that he has been re-elected to his congressional seat several times. I certainly have to question the psychological well being of the individuals who have voted him into office all these years.
Houston, TX
Looking for a miracle? From Ohio, look East
Who said miracles don't happen? As the whole country watched, prayed and waited with bated breath until the wee hours of the morning, nine miracles happened right in front of our eyes.
A higher power than you or me was watching out for the nine miners who were brought up from 240 feet below the earth, all safe and in pretty good shape. Praise the Lord. Oops, I forgot, we're not supposed to mention God.
All I have to say is, tell that to the miners and all who were praying in Somerset, Pa., and around the world.