The prison sentence
The Vindicator asked hundreds of its News Contacts on Tuesday to give their thoughts on the length of the sentence and whether James Traficant should have been sent to prison immediately:
The sentence was fair. Judge Wells was within her rights to immediately have Traficant taken into custody. I commend Judge Wells for holding Traficant accountable. Judge Wells enforced accountability, under the law, of a former [congressman] for all of his actions, threats, remarks and behavior. All public officials that violate the trust of the public and the law must be held fully accountable for their actions. Thank you, Judge Wells, for helping Mahoning Valley residents move toward to a respectable place to live and raise our families.
Sally Shubert-HallWarren
Mr. Traficant should have gotten ten years -- one for each conviction. Judge Wells was lenient and patient beyond human limits. Immediate imprisonment in this case is totally correct.
Norene KenyherczCanfield
I think Mr. Traficant's sentence was too harsh, considering all the corporate CEOs that are off living the good life. After what they have done, they all deserve to be in jail. I also think for all the good he has done for the 17th District, it should count for something. The judge could have given him some time to get his life in order instead of carting him off as she did.
Mary McPheronYoungstown
Traficant got what he deserved. While on the surface this episode makes the valley look bad, in the long run I feel it will benefit. All these indictments over the last few years hopefully cleaned up a lot of the trash and maybe now we could start fresh. The valley will never reach its potential until the people demand integrity from elected officials and not accept corruption.
Nicholas DuBosPittsburgh, formerly of Campbell
The length of the prison sentence is absolutely fair. Additionally, it's the right thing that he be sent to prison immediately. His mockery of the U.S. House of Representatives and the good and decent and law-abiding citizens of our community sealed his fate.
Sue MillerYoungstown
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