WARREN TOWNSHIP Thieves steal ATM from Country Fair

The suspects didn't get away with the cash, because police saw them leaving.
WARREN -- Thieves had plans for a major withdrawal, but quick police work stopped the cash flow.
Township Lt. Donald Bishop said two men, using a stolen truck, rammed through the wall of the Country Fair, 3342 Mahoning Avenue N.W., around 4:12 a.m. today and stole an automated teller machine.
The truck put a 6-foot-wide hole in the side of the store.
"They used a 4,000-pound engine hoist to get the ATM on the truck," Bishop said. "They backed right to the area where the ATM was located. Our police officers got to the store and saw them pulling away."
Officers chased the truck to Parkman Road and Lover's Lane.
"The two men in the truck got out and ran," Bishop said. "It was dark, so the officers were not able to track them down. We were able to recover the truck and the ATM."
Bishop said the safe of the ATM was not opened, and as far as he can tell now, no money was taken.
Stolen getaway vehicle
Police said the pickup truck was stolen from Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking, 4858 Parkman Road N.W., early today.
"The people at the auto wrecking company didn't even know the truck was stolen until we called," Bishop said. "We found the insurance card on the floor, so that's how we knew where the truck came from."
"We are going through the truck looking for fingerprints and any other type of evidence," Bishop said. "We will try to determine where the engine hoist came from. I assume it also was stolen."
Employees of Country Fair said the store will remain open and they hope to fix the hole as soon as possible.

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