Marriage licenses
Allen Grunthaner, 33, of 106 Oak Leaf Drive, West Middlesex, and Diane L. Eucker, 35, of same.
Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Jariri, 39, of 527 Harmon Ave., Youngstown, and Tammy J. Watson, 40, of 9525 Woodworth Road, #17, North Lima.
Brian P. Pachell, 23, of 3402 S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, and Hope F. Zandarski, 22, of same.
Christopher D. Anderson, 27, Scottsdale, Ariz., and Lora M. Rektor, 32, of same.
Jason C. Young, legal age, 447 Alameda Ave., Youngstown, and Danette Askew, legal age, 515 Alameda Ave., Youngstown.
James A. Jacobson, 37, of 3460 Ambert Ave., Youngstown, and Michele DePinto Fredrick, 35, of 2421 Karen Court, Youngstown.
Brian T. Johnson, 31, of 2623 Taft Ave., Youngstown, and Stephanie K. Bottcher, 30, of same.
William E. Ilgenfritz, 32, Pittsburgh, and Kimberly A. Staffrey, 27, of same.
Domestic relations
Marie M. Welsh vs. Michael Welsh, divorce to plaintiff.
Tina Dixon vs. Edward Dixon, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Androsky.
Lisa Francis vs. Louis Francis, dismissed.
Tabitha Ramey vs. George Ramey, dismissed.
Kristine Weirich and Duane M. Weirich, dissolution granted.
Christopher S. Zelonish and Toni L. Zelonish, dissolution granted.
John C. Truman and Janet Truman, dissolution granted.
Marcella A. Kelly vs. James P. Kelly, dismissed.
Jane Bednar and Michael Bednar, dissolution granted; wife restored to former name of Bell.
Nancy J. Smith vs. Roger D. Smith, divorce to both.
Jeffrey Groat vs. Lisa Groat, divorce to both.
Corsini A. Fobbs vs. Courtney Fobbs, divorce to plaintiff.
Kelly Ernest vs. Jeffrey Zahnhiser, divorce to plaintiff.
Catalina Wigfall vs. Frank Wigfall, divorce to plaintiff; wife restored to former name of Rodriquez.
Tonya Rose Rankin vs. Todd A. Rankin Sr., divorce to plaintiff; wife restored to former name of Shipley.
Anthony Averette vs. Arlette Averette, divorce to plaintiff.
Tuniesha Gibson vs. Rodney Gibson divorce to plaintiff.
Tadda Schaffhauser vs. Richard E. Shaffhauser, divorce to plaintiff.
Jeffrey Jones vs. Madonna Barwick, divorce to both.
Tracy L. Rhodes vs. Michael M. Rhodes, divorce to plaintiff.
Christine Huff vs. Lee A. Huff, legal separation to plaintiff.
Docket entries
State vs. Michael Georgiadis, defendant granted occupation driving privileges.
Same vs. Stephen Yurak, sentenced to 18 months.
Same vs. Charles Rivers, contempt of court sentence of 10 days to precede one year sentence.
Citicasters Co. vs. Stop 26 Riverbend Inc. et al, dismissed.
Albert Pezzenti et al vs. Thomas Ferraro et al, dismissed.
Edward Stonework III vs. GE Auto and Home Assurance Co. et al, dismissed.
Donna Roberts et al vs. Western Reserve Transit Authority et al, counts 1 and 2 only, dismissed.
Ozie Jackson vs. U.S. Steel Corp. et al, settled.
Rocco Mediati vs. USX Corp et al, settled.
James Copeland vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Helen E. Owens vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center, dismiss Drs. Raymond Polestra and Basil Yanes only.
Donna McNally vs. Jack Noble et al, dismissed.
Bank One vs. Claude Kindle et al, confirming sale.
Ruth Clogan vs. James Durkin, default judgment.
Beatrice Cingolani vs. James Conrad et al, dismissed.
Homeside Lending vs. John R. Datillo et al, confirming sale.
Wells Fargo vs. Jean E. Gagliano et al, confirming sale.
Keith A. Moffo vs. Dir. State of Ohio Unemployment Comp. et al, dismissed.
Frank Seidita vs. State of Ohio Director et al, dismissed.
Bank One vs. Johnnie Williams Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Susan M. Krueger vs. Elizabeth Sipus, dismissed.
State Farm Mutual Ins. Co. et al vs. Edward Navaro Jr., judgment for plaintiff.
Bank One vs. Lucy Conner et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Earl W. Rutherford Jr. et al, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. et al vs. Suna N. Jackson et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank vs. Emmett N. Williams, judgment for plaintiff.
Alfred Brown vs. Brian Melewski et al, dismiss undersigned/uninsured claim only against defendant Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. only.
Charter One Bank vs. Stephanie D. Burton et al, dismissed.
Robert Fink vs. Beaver Twp. Board, dismissed.
State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. et al vs. Peter D. Levitski Jr., judgment for plaintiff.
Samuel L. Buoscio vs. Parkview Counseling Center, dismissed.
Connie Brown et al vs. Karen Woods et al, dismiss cross claim against Karen Woods only.
Capital One Bank vs. Maria Dovellos, default judgment for plaintiff.
Daniel Fivueroa vs. Struthers Board of Education, dismissed.
Tonya Franklin vs. Gary M. Crim et al, judgment for defendants.
Kareema Boykin et al vs. Gary M. Crim et al, judgment for defendants.
Keith Davis et al vs. Gary M. Crim et al, settled.
Vernon Barrett et al vs. Gary Crim et al, settled.
Jeanette Belt vs. Nationwide Property and Casualty Ins. Co. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Theresa L. Lyden vs. Youngstown College of Massotherapy et al, dismissed.
State vs. Ricardo L. Amill, sentenced to 2 months.
Same vs. Tawhon Easterly, sentenced to 18 months.
Lisa Roberts vs. Ronald Law et al, judgment for Grange Mutual Ins. Co. et al. Michelle Larabee et al vs. Richard Knapp et al, settled.
Jody Italiano vs. Metropolitan National Bank et al, settled.
Dennis Seaman and Assoc. Co. et al vs. Robert Curry Esq. et al settled.
Ryan C. Kalby et al vs. Sharon Martin, settled.
Douglas Shood Sr. et al vs. Phillip E. Massaro, defendant West dismisses counterclaim against plaintiff.
Terry Russo vs. Anna Marie Jasecko et al, settled.
Sandra Lightner et al vs. Christopher Martin, settled.
Douglas Shood Sr. et al vs. Thomas West, dismiss counterclaim.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Terrance E. Vanbrocklin et al, confirming sale.
Ameriquest vs. Stephen Robinson et al, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance vs. Jessie M. Oliver et al, foreclosure.
Douglas Wright vs. Stergos Prasinos, settled.
Bank One NA vs. Leah P. Wagner et al, foreclosure.
Wanda Garcia vs. C. James Conrad et al, settled.
Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Inc. vs. Jason C. Richards et al, settled.
Dollar Bank vs. Linda Laughlin et al, foreclosure.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Monique Phifer et al, foreclosure.
Charlene Campana vs. Henry Koch et al, settled.
Gordon R. Loescsh vs. Jeanne P. Riser et al, settled.
Sallie Mae Servicing LP vs. Michael Husar, judgment for plaintiff.
John B. Reardon vs. Four Fax Inc. et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo vs. Mychal A. Walker et al, foreclosure.
Progressive Max Ins. Co. et al vs. Talia Jackson et al, judgment for plaintiffs.
Destry Rush et al vs. GMC, dismissed.
Howard Carmichael et al vs. American International Group et al, dismiss within action against defendant American International Group only; action remains pending.
Empire Mtg. Ltd. Partnership vs. Vernest Hildreath et al, dismiss said defendant only.
GMAC vs. Patsy Armour, dismissed.
Frankie Minnie vs. Commercial Intertech Corp., settled and dismissed.
State vs. Brandit A. Franklin, court imposes 1 year monitored community control.
Same vs. Leonard L. Davison Jr., sentenced to 10 days.
Jolette M.. D'Amico vs. Western Reserve Health Corp. et al, settled.
Keybank National Assoc. vs. Ryan Thomas Olinski et al, confirming sale.
Humility of Mary Health Partners vs. Jeffrey A. Staley, satisfied.
Assoc. Home Equity vs. Gerald T. Little et al, confirming sale.
Richard Shutrump vs. Lisa Antonucci et al, dismissal of count three of complaint.
Bankers Trust vs. Gengk Lum et al, confirming sale.
Concrete Construction Enterprises Co. vs. Robert W. Graham, default judgment for plaintiff.
Matthew J. Bayuk vs. Shannon E. Zeigler, settled
Probate Court
Will of Harry McBride: estate to son, John R.
Will of William Wolfgang: estate to wife, Kathryn.
Will of James Greenwalt: estate to wife, wife, Delores.
Real estate transfers
Charles L. Bartfal trustee to Timothy L. Bates et al, Austintown Twp., $75,000.
Bertelli Homes Inc. to John P. Fluent et al, Austintown Twp., $131,440.
Roert Penuzzio et al to Scott Gestwield et al, Youngstown, $68,000.
George Duponty (dec'd.) to Thomas J. Assion, Boardman Twp., $71,500.
Kathleen Conrad to Philip G. Noblit, Milton Twp., $4,500.
Charlotte Confer et al to Janice L. Brahler et al, Poland Twp., $52,000.
Neo & amp; Bailey Investment to Nick Davis, Youngstown, $57,000.
S. Gordon Millard et al to Winona Earl, Struthers City, $28,300.
Cecil B. Kimmel et al to David L. Mitchell et al, Boardman Twp., $138,000.
Francis P. Conroy to Robert M. Heredy et al, Youngstown, $63,000.
Robert Tinkey et al to Sameer Khalil, Boardman Twp., $153,000.
Laverne Hanewinckel to Bernadette Jablonski, Craig Beach Village, $82,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Dorothy Dragich, 4809 Sampson Road, Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $139,768; assets, $109,020.
Jeffrey J. and Rebecca S. Harbol, 1230 Stewart Road, Salem; he: laborer, Dephi Packard Electric Systems; she: accounts payable, Buckeye Industrial; liabilities, $152,301; assets, $118,700.
Jan B. Johnson, 332 Garfield St. Youngstown; medical receptionist, Diagnostic Cardiology Assoc.; liabilities, $15,785; assets, $2,395.
Gwendolyn C. Patterson, 652 Carlotta Drive, Apt. 3, Youngstown; collector, OSI; liabilities, $10,403; assets, $4,661.
William L. and Kathryn Lambert, 18323 Bayview Drive, Lake Milton; he: goundskeeper, Crest Rubber; she: plastics worker, American Way Mtg.; liabilities, $41,386; assets, $29,914.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
William A. and Shirley A. Miller, Youngstown; he: security guard, Lagorda Security; she: nurses' aide, Maplecrest Nursing Home; liabilities $120,266; assets, $61,176.
Darlene and Curtis Harris, 661 Cohasset Drive, Youngstown; she: supervisor, Time Warner; he: sanitation engineer, BFI Waste System; liabilities, $51,464; assets, $10,400.

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