1st--Boonescanrun (E.Lundberg)7.402.802.20
Don't Hurry Me (L.Hannigan)2.202.10
Waldo Pepper (R.Sexton)4.20
Off 1:30. Time 1:06.32. Fast. Also Ran--Metpower, Blue Moon Sailing, Hope for Soul, Sparkling Tejano, Federal Hill. Exacta (5-3) paid $11.00. Superfecta (5-3-2-7) paid $311.60. Trifecta (5-3-2) paid $59.60.
2nd--Julesburg (J.Skerrett)8.203.603.00
B K Stubby (J.Felix)3.202.80
Rattle On Son (S.Saito)4.60
Off 1:58. Time 1:13.06. Fast. Also Ran--Country Legionaire, Suicidal, Dunne Right, Starlite Dreamer. Daily Double (5-6) paid $24.00. Exacta (6-1) paid $18.60. Superfecta (6-1-7-2) paid $471.80. Trifecta (6-1-7) paid $97.20.
3rd--Implication (J.Cabrera)
Bold B (J.Skerrett)6.203.40
World Premier (R.Feliciano)4.00
Off 2:26. Time 1:12.54. Fast. Scratched--Senor Sterling. Also Ran--a-Playing Now, Matchless Hunter, a-Classic Warrior, Tan Stack, Thatkrazzymissphit, Ice King, Give Me the Money. Pick 3 (5-6-2) 3 Correct Paid $283.80. Superfecta (2-10-3-1) paid $467.80. Trifecta (2-10-3) paid $269.40. Exacta (2-10) paid $43.80. a-Coupled.
4th--Broke Spoke (A.Ramgeet)8.806.405.60
Wileaway Kelly (S.Spieth)9.007.00
D J's Show Time (A.Clemente)4.00
Off 2:55. Time 1:13.46. Fast. Also Ran--Straight North, Gambleemotions, Bob's Luck, a-Valid Assembly, a-Micanopy, Distinct Honor, One for Eugene, The Running Sioux. Pick 3 (6-2-6) 3 Correct Paid $128.20. Superfecta (6-9-7-2) paid $5,209.50. Trifecta (6-9-7) paid $286.00. Exacta (6-9) paid $65.00. a-Coupled.
5th--Joneta (J.Skerrett)13.006.603.80
Win a Kiss (M.Rowland)8.404.20
Wildcat Gal (A.Ramgeet)4.60
Off 3:23. Time 1:00.04. Fast. Also Ran--Fix the Roof, Another Account, Storm Scout, Miss Dream Holme, Cindy Cinda, Kashua, Niesen, Patchwork. Pick 3 (2-6-11) 3 Correct Paid $411.20. Superfecta (11-4-10-7) paid $2,771.60. Trifecta (11-4-10) paid $769.40. Exacta (11-4) paid $120.20.
6th--b-Majestic Dinner (Fliciano)6.403.802.80
Blame It On Ruby (A.Ramgeet)5.003.00
Devil Time (J.Vitek)3.00
Off 3:54. Time 1:51.30. Fast. Also Ran--Deadline Dude, Panta Ellinas, b-Fervent Affair, a-Taylortwofeathers, a-Lake Patrol, Bad Little Fellow, Disappearance, Ifineedyaillcallya, Little Me. Pick 3 (6-11-2) 3 Correct Paid $174.80. Superfecta (2-10-5-9) paid $1,138.60. Trifecta (2-10-5) paid $71.00. Exacta (2-10) paid $22.60. b-Coupled.
7th--Hill Hero (L.Hannigan)11.404.003.00
Jilted Groom (J.Sanchez, Jr.)3.403.20
Pay the Mon (T.Caminita)4.20
Off 4:24. Time 1:44.64. Fast. Also Ran--Gearjammer, Slalom Skier, Set the Dice, Had It All, Jungle Country, Ol Ralph, Quick Freeze, Allie's Warrior, Varsity O. Pick 3 (11-2-4) 3 Correct Paid $341.60. Exacta (4-5) paid $40.80. Superfecta (4-5-2-8) paid $543.80. Trifecta (4-5-2) paid $105.80. Daily Double (2-4) paid $24.00. Attendance 3,951. $255,150. Handle $129,077. Total Handle $384,227.
1st--Elusive Hour (M.Rowland)14.205.603.00
Great Waters (J.Felix)2.802.20
Five O Five (R.Barber)4.80
Off 7:03. Time 0:52.46. Fast. Also Ran--Arizona Bay Cat, Quick Storm, General Josh, Perfecto Westo, Superbowl Sam, From Charlie, Vice Is Nice. Perfecta (7-2) paid $52.00. Trifecta (7-2-10) paid $344.20.
2nd--Munch Time (Tolentino)122.6047.6019.80
In Shape (D.Brinkley)17.6010.60
Track Lady (J.Perez, Jr.)6.00
Off 7:26. Time 1:14.71. Fast. Also Ran--Miss Mecke, Regal Amy, Rich Dawn, Fence Sitter, Gold Change, Prime Gypsy, Bold and Able. Daily Double (7-7) paid $373.60. Perfecta (7-8) paid $1,012.80. Trifecta (7-8-3) paid $12,682.40.
3rd--Merry Grey (O.Pereira)6.203.402.40
Lindsey's Pride (J.Eads)4.203.40
Shaneedmo'money (J.Stokes)4.00
Off 7:51. Time 1:45.54. Fast. Scratched--Weekend Bound. Also Ran--Early Signal, Tiara Time, Miss Topaz, Greek Legend, Deja Vu Diva, Lakota Love. Perfecta (3-7) paid $27.00. Trifecta (3-7-10) paid $260.40.
4th--Mob Enforcer (B.Marcial)10.004.803.00
Warplay (D.Whitney)5.803.00
Master Mechanic (C.Murphy)2.60
Off 8:16. Time 1:40.44. Fast. Also Ran--Triptowin, Spragger, Super Short Silver, Stately Force, Taum Sauk Mountain, Eavesdrop, Big Basin Saloon. Perfecta (3-2) paid $43.60. Trifecta (3-2-5) paid $109.40.
5th--King Mio Royal (D.Brinkley)24.209.605.60
Keiti Tetler (D.Leeds)5.604.60
Anxious Otto (J.Stokes)16.00
Off 8:41. Time 1:38.82. Firm. Also Ran--Ian's Thunder, Zippy Intrigue, Native Badger, Endless Sun, Connecticut River, Hello Saratoga, Sargent Major. Pick 3 (3,5-3-3) 3 Correct Paid $201.00. Superfecta (3-8-1-6) paid $7,182.00. Trifecta (3-8-1) paid $2,554.80. Perfecta (3-8) paid $147.20.
6th--Cozzena Cozzena (Skrrett)9.605.003.20
Tender Touch (P.Tolentino)28.2010.00
Morning Ride (R.Barber)3.00
Off 9:06. Time 1:24.48. Firm. Also Ran--Graceful Ghazi, Quiet Heart, Ithinkhesaidyes, Set to Go, Tree Bandit, Queen Candace, Cash Reward. Perfecta (9-8) paid $223.40. Trifecta (9-8-4) paid $829.00.
7th--Mr. Slew's Valor (Brinkley)10.605.404.00
World Class Flyer (M.Andrews)14.607.80
Rockmill Two (G.Birzer)2.80
Off 9:31. Time 1:39.89. Fast. Also Ran--Creeky Lane, Tenfortynine, Fandgo, Jolie's Star, Lech Go, Clever Revolution, That Big Tune. Perfecta (10-1) paid $177.40. Trifecta (10-1-2) paid $578.00.
8th--Lakeside Cup (C.Murphy)5.203.602.60
Fast Going (J.Eads)8.403.80
Queenofmountain (R.Stokes, III)3.20
Off 9:57. Time 1:11.45. Fast. Also Ran--Broach, Striking Picture, Bluebell Lassie, Treasure Lake, Body Talk, So Catty, Oedy's Riches. Pick 3 (9-10-4) 3 Correct Paid $274.00. Trifecta (4-10-1) paid $239.60. Perfecta (4-10) paid $58.40.
9th--Caller Zi Zi (G.Birzer)4.803.803.00
Miss Tilley (O.Pereira)42.2016.60
Dames I Have Loved (J.Perez, Jr.)3.40
Off 10:21. Time 1:42.15. Fast. Also Ran--It Is Private, Fax the Paige, Niknardia, Brite Road, Cornwall Kat, Meadow Dear, Angel Road. Daily Double (4-5) paid $11.60. Perfecta (5-7) paid $165.60. Superfecta (5-7-8-2) paid $8,619.20. Trifecta (5-7-8) paid $1,287.20. Attendance 3,473. $1,144,991. Handle $69,254. Total Handle $1,214,245.
9th--Mr Peabody (Ross)5.403.604.00
Two Tails (Grismore)10.005.60
Town Gazelle (Jones)7.00
Exacta 2-7 paid $72. Trifecta 2-7-6 paid $996.
10th--Tommys Pistol (Popio)26.808.805.80
Kashman (Ward)4.203.40
Denarius Evergreen (Pantaleano)4.20
Exacta 9-4 paid $121.60. Trifecta 9-4-7 paid $1,874.40. Superfecta 9-4-7-8 ($1.00 PRICE) paid $8,251.40.
11th--De Leon(J Pantaleano)8.604.203.00
Tip The Boat(W Case Jr)4.603.20
Sharp Lookin Fuzz(T Cummings)2.60
Exacta 6-4 Paid $50.40. Trifecta 6-4-2 Paid $136.80. Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $492.60.
12th--Natom N(J Pantaleano)9.204.602.40
Diaper Dandy(G Grismore)3.602.40
Santa Anna Sam(S Schillaci)2.20
Exacta 7-5 Paid $37.40. Trifecta 7-5-1 Paid $80.60.
13th--Bell Mattlantic7.404.203.40
Mister Gender (Grismore)13.005.60
Hillbilly Jack (Ross)2.60
Exacta 9-6 paid $67.80. Trifecta 9-6-1 paid $322.20.
Hot Rod Hudson(G Grismore)3.402.60
Fakes Folly A(D Ward)2.80
Exacta 2-1 $12.20 Late Double 9-2 $19.20. Trifecta 2-1-5 paid $47.80. Superfecta 2-1-5-9 paid $143.60. Pick Three 3 of 3 Paid $204.40. Pick Four 4 of4 Paid $1,006.20.
Attendance: 3,712. Handle: $1,192,828.
1st--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Genesis Amanda, C Myrick; Dr Schnell, J Miller; Im Looking Over, M Konesky; Alma Hall, W Case Jr; No Exchange, R Eidens; Trotin To The Bank, G Grismore; Royal Star K, C Strimel; Talladega Baby, D Mc Kirgan
2nd--PACE, 4000CL NW1, 2,000, 1 MI
The Sneaky Cat, J Pantaleano; Scootin Forever, B Sturgeon; Flying Cam, D Guptill; Dazzling Towner, W Case Jr; Tommy Says Hello, C Myrick; Freda's Luck, T Jones; Kudsu, K Kash; Boomer For Sure, G Grismore; Go Ritchy Go, D Noble
3rd--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Achilles' Wrath, W Irvine; Megarama, D Noble; Sonic Scot, H Brocklehurst; Barb's Melody, G Grismore; The Judge Rules, D Mc Kirgan; Academic, L Merriman; Mr Whipple, B Sturgeon; Over's Eliminator, R Eidens; Miss Gigi D, W Case Jr
4th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Roney Image, D Noble; Last Starfighter, P Ross; Fast and Easy, D Ward; Highway Gambler, G Grismore; Gainesville, J Pantaleano; Game Gregory, W Irvine; Smooth Scooter, W Case Jr; Holly Hill Beau, T Jones; Knoteworthy Wolf, D Cincebox
5th--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Rose Run Dreamer, T Jones; Mario's Royalty, J Pantaleano; Ms Rosie O, D Mc Kirgan; Sand Chic, D Ross; Skipper Chip, W Case Jr; Victories Lady, R Naftzger; Sturdy Trouble, R Fisher Jr; Irish Jake, B Sturgeon; Royal Over, G Grismore
6th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Road House, L Merriman; Waltz's Pride, R Angus; Getem Batman, J Green; Skymeadow Mike, W Case Jr; Chirp N Gail, J Miner; Lets Do It Now, D Cincebox; Sita Cam, G Grismore; Pc Powered, D Mc Kirgan; Hogue's Happy Buck, D Simmons
7th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Happy Listening, J Pantaleano; Magic Marty, G Grismore; Orta Be There A, D Ross; Perfecto A, D Noble; Redirect, T Jones; Hornby Topgun, D Ward; Cg Sam, R Fisher Jr; David The Third, S Wonson; Varsity Type, W Case Jr
8th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Go Cindy Go, S Wonson; Wakeshire Willwin, G Grismore; Sea Darwin, W Case Jr; Win and Rein, T Jones; Woodman, D Mc Kirgan; Royal Fin, B Sturgeon; Best Seller, G Daniels; Mystical Gold, J Pantaleano; Cumindina, M Robinson
9th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
E T's Grandcam, G Grismore; Mc Clintock, C Strimel; Kinda Ideal, D Cincebox; True Blue, T Jones; Fast Muffler, J Pantaleano; Water Scooter, R Miller; Nuclear Sam, D Ward; In The Purple N, W Case Jr; Kings Fortress, J Green
10th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Tsm Small Towner, J Pantaleano; Doctor Gus, G Grismore; Reasonable Doubt, D Ross; Hardrock Hudson, T Jones; Sunset Bay, S Schillaci; Ships Mutiney, D Cincebox; Sand My Tracks, K Kash; Marshron Table, W Case Jr; Rich Man Poor Man, B Sturgeon
11th--TROT, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI
Delray Chip, W Case Jr; Lo and Behold, D Ward; Arnie's King, R Eidens; V-Mart Bill, S Schillaci; Victory's Future, T Jones; My Harts Desire, J Pantaleano; Dr Kc Curry, D Ross; Anastasia Zedy, J Conger; Robert Letsgo, G Grismore
12th--PACE, 6000CL, 3,600, 1 MI
Ready To Be Rich, D Noble; N The Other, J Pantaleano; V Annas Boy, K Dicks; Nuclear Eclipse, W Case Jr; Fun Bunch, T Jones; Beachandmoan, D Ward; Mighty Joe Young, D Cincebox; Jate Propelled, G Grismore
13th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Bonnie Buns, G Grismore; Sandy's Kookynukey, D Ross; Happy Jackson, W Irvine; Whirlwind Sahbra, R Nappi; Millie Millie, L Merriman; Lindsay A, J Pantaleano; Electric Kicker, D Ward; Tucson Blaze, B Sturgeon; Satin Squire, W Case Jr;, E Deaton
14th--PACE, 4000CL, 2,400, 1 MI
Tindall Hanover, D Noble; Bunce N, W Case Jr; Og's Glamour Boy, B Sturgeon; Latino Hanover, D Ward; Teasing Scooter, W Irvine; Quick Kevin, D Ross; Three Lump's, T Jones; Clew Bay, J Pantaleano; Truthofthematter, G Grismore;
(c) 2002 Equibase Company LLC, all rights reserved.

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