KePRO key to improving Ohio nursing homes

KePRO key to improving Ohio nursing homes
Quality improvement efforts for nursing home care are underway in six pilot states including Ohio. Ohio KePRO, the quality improvement organization for Medicare in Ohio, is spearheading the initiative in the state on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
As noted by Ohio Health Care Association President and CEO Peter Van Runkle, a promising aspect of the initiative is the work of Ohio KePRO in collaborating with nursing homes and industry stakeholders including OHCA, the Ohio Association of Nursing Homes and the Ohio Department of Aging to understand the environment and processes of the industry and then use that information to identify the causes of discrepancies and develop needed changes.
Ohio KePRO is also educating communities about using Medicare's quality measure information together with other resources in the nursing home decision-making process. While encouraging the use of the Nursing Home Compare web site at, we also encourage visits to nursing homes and dialogue with ombudsmen, discharge planners and caregivers as sources of information, referral, and direction.
CMS and Ohio KePRO are committed to working together with consumers, their advocates, the nursing home industry, and the state of Ohio to improve the quality of care for nursing home residents.
Seven Hills
X The writer is an Ohio KePRO media specialist.
Youngstown not to blame for Liberty's problems
I'm writing in response to the comment made by Mr. Ungaro concerning the problems that the people of Liberty are now facing on Belmont Avenue.
Shame on you, Mr. Ungaro, that after 14 years as the mayor of Youngstown to change your stripes and now imply to the people of Liberty that the reason Belmont Avenue has "deteriorated is because people from Youngstown have moved in and brought their inner-city problems with them."
Are you including yourself in this group? Is this what you thought about us the 14 years you worked here? That the residents of Youngstown were nothing but a bunch of criminals, and that whatever problems the surrounding communities were having were brought about by us? If so, then why didn't you fix them while you were mayor, instead of now trying to point a finger?
I hope the residents of Liberty are educated enough to realize that not all of their problems on Belmont Avenue or in their township were brought about by "Youngstown people" moving into the area, as implied by Mr. Ungaro.
Shame on you Mr. Ungaro.
House vote shows rigging
It looks like Jim is right. They are out to get him. If the vote would have been 75 percent to 25 percent or 80 percent to 20 percent, I would have believed the outcome, but this vote tells me someone is writing the script for the show.
I hope the voters put him back in to prove a point -- even if he goes to jail. This makes me feel as if I just lost my best dog I ever had.
East Palestine