Marriage licenses
Scott W. Burrows, 30, of 1954 CloverBrook Drive, Mineral Ridge, and Christina A. Richendollar, 29, of 538 Davis St., Niles.
Chad M. Braham, 22, of 6922 Down Road, Warren, and Jennifer L. Dillon, 300 Center St. W., Niles.
Robert M. Warren, 26, of 697 Perkinswood S.E., Warren, and Tisha N. Allen, 22, of same.
Stephen J. Chos, 57, of 252 Hayes Ave. McDonald, and Lynda H. Thomsom, 50, of same.
John E. Langley, 64, of 1223 North Road, Niles, and Jane A. Langley, 58, of 1505 Larchmont Ave., Warren.
Robert T. McCabe, 19, of 3980 Herr-Fieldhouse Road, Southington, and Misty R. Huff, 18, of 4271 Newton Falls Bailey Road, Newton Falls.
Derrick D. Patterson, 35, of 446 Lamphier Road N.E., Warren, and Minyone M. Henderson, 29, of same.
Marc A. Abruzzo, 24, of 235 E. 95th St., New York, N.Y., and Hali E. Love, 24, of 8674 Hunters Trail, Warren.
James W. Masluk Jr., 37, of 711 Gary Drive, Hubbard, and Shelly A. McKee, 29, of 367 Sharon Bedford Road, West Middlesex, Pa.
Earl N. Maxin, 52, of 119 N. Aspen Court, Warren, and Barbara L. Sallaz, 51, of same.
Eric R. Delbrugge, 23, of 100 W. 39th St., Shadyside Ohio, and Melanie A. Bard, 25, of 3345 Marshall Road, McDonald.
Brian P. Deehr, 33, of 5315 Craig N. W., Warren, and Patricia A. Hessler, 33, of 5654 Lasater Drive, Canton.
Bob H. Bequeath, 25, of 141 Cedar Circle, Cortland, and Elizabeth Krukowski, 24, of 2885 Phalanx Mills Road, Southington.
Emanuel P. Mageros, legal age, of 1533 Collar Price road, Hubbard, and Deborah J. Williams, legal age, of same.
Drue A. Martin Jr., 34, of 2960 Risher Road, Warren, and Marinela Owens, 26, of same.
Frederick E. Behnke Jr., 28, of 48 Elmwood, Hubbard, and Danielle M. Kish, 24, of 640 Lloyd St., Hubbard.
Sean B. Caine, 28, of 2619 N. Hamden Court, Chicago, Ill., and Lisa Garavaglia, 29, of same.
Robert W. Stemock, 37, of 517 Heatherwood Drive S. E., Warren, and Michele L. Newsome, 28, of same.
Ronald D. Achenbach, 24, of 128 Brook Drive, Brookfield, and Adrienne M. Addicott, 24, of same.
Larry J. Sergent, 46, of 24 Blueberry Lane S. W., Warren, and Donna L. Peterson, 50, of 258 S. Fourth St., Rogers City, Mich.
Thomas E. Peters, 22, of 215 S. Aspen Court, Warren, and Jennifer L. Allen, 23, of 5212 Kings Graves Road, Vienna.
Timothy M. Tabor, 27, of 23 Helen Ave., Niles, and Patricia Hoffman, 24, of same.
Anthony M. Tyma Sr., 41, of 527 Woodbine S. E., Warren, and Tammy G. Campbell, 31, of same.
Leo J. Donato II, 52, of 650 Syme St., Masury, and Margaret A. Shales, 43, of 232 Princeton Ave., Hubbard.
Richard T. McCullough, 43, of 520 N. Bentley, Niles, and Brenda J. Binion, 42, of 16 Hyde Ave., Niles.
John B. Rossi, 22, of 740 Fairway Drive, Warren, and Nicole M. Mitolo, 22, of 525 N. Rhodes Ave., Niles.
Patrick I. Hopper, 24, of 1566 Paul Revere Drive, Newark, N.J., and Danielle R. Markel, 23, of 1088 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland.
Dale L. Mozena, 34, of 1943 State Road, Warren, and Jolien S. Swift, 26, of same.
William L. Sweitzer, 46, of 1099 Hartman Ave., Warren, and Katrina L. Dunn, 32, of 52 Hartzell Ave., Girard.
Richard K. Mills, 23, of 347 Iddings Ave., Warren, and Brandi S. Cline, 20, of same.
Kenneth D. Rudolph, 64, of 1782 Hewitt Gifford Road, Warren, and Eileen G. Matulewicz, 55, of same.
Divorces asked
Michele Henderson vs. Lee E. Henderson.
Thomas H. Eldridge vs. Bonnie Eldridge.
Michael Krestan vs. Jodi Krestan.
Timothy J. Adkins vs. Kimberly Adkins.
Linda Davis vs. James A. Davis.
Michael Montler vs. Elizabeth Montler.
John F. Kiktavy vs. Elizabeth Kiktavy.
Debra Spisak vs. Jack J. Spisak.
Mark A. Shaffer vs. Christina K. Shaffer.
Eric A. Cline vs. Tamara Cline.
Candace J. Borovac vs. George Borovac Jr.
Kimberly A. Adkins vs. Timothy J. Adkins.
Rebecca Williams vs. Reginald Williams.
William Lambert vs. Cindy Lambert.
Norman Moore vs. Roxanne Moore.
Amy J. Ciminero vs. Anthony V. Ciminero.
Heather Michael vs. Jonathan A. Michael.
Divorces granted
Catherine Clagett vs. Brian K. Clagett.
Victor E. O'Rourke vs. Tammy L. O'Rourke.
Billie Litten vs. Donald L. Litten Jr.
Franklin Henderson vs. Charlene Henderson.
Joseph J. Ditoro vs. Cathy J. Ditoro.
Donald Slater vs. Joanne Slater.
Sharon Phillips vs. Michael Phillips.
Nicholas Chance Jr. vs. Reva J. Owen.
Cathy Huggins vs. Mark Huggins.
Sandra L. Souliere vs. Steven S. Souliere.
Michelle Lukanec vs. Peter J. Lukanec.
Cassandra Donofrio vs. Donald J. Donofrio.
Legal separation
Donna M. McCleery vs. Patrick S. McCleery.
Foreign order of support
Tonya Harvey vs. Andre R. Harvey.
Civil protection orders filed/domestic violence
Betty L. Ellsworth vs. Jeffrey Myers.
Donna Toth vs. Jonathan Brown.
Vanessa Robinson vs. Ossie Bradley Jr.
Melissa Patterson vs. Paul A. Patterson Jr.
Carolyn Braund vs. Douglas Braund.
Jodie Ciriello vs. Mark Ciriello.
Tami Coe vs. David Holbrook.
Holly Davidson vs. Todd A. Davidson.
Melissa Woolard vs. Kenneth J. Woolard Jr.
Divorces granted
Diana Booth vs. Matthew Booth.
Mindi Rayl vs. Joseph Rayl.
Gail Tracy vs. Gerald Tracy.
Divorces asked
Martha Wright, 49200 Purinton Ave., East Liverpool, vs. David Wright, 16728 Dresden Ave., East Liverpool.
Georgia Walker, 709 E. Main St., East Palestine, vs. David Walker Jr., 103 W. Main St., East Palestine.
Dissolutions asked
Robert Blystone, 817 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, and Christine Blystone, 723 Sixth Ave., East Liverpool.
Docket entries
Kenneth Barnes vs. Allan Gilbert, judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank Leasing vs. GDI Foods et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Farmer's National Bank vs. Dale Hanlon, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
Leslie Regal Jr. to Douglas Morris, Center Twp., $112,000.
Kenneth Martin to Daniel Dray, East Liverpool, $130,000.
Charles Beiling to Kenneth Smith, Unity Twp., $28,488.
Thomas Prater to Ronald Hofmeister, Unity Twp., $166,200.
Gary Leatherberry to John Rader, West Twp., $119,900.
James Foster to William Lepper, Salem Twp., $119,000.
Newton Square Co. vs. Karen Ellenberger, Perry Twp., $143,800.
Michael Mondak to East Palestine Library, East Palestine, $40,000.
Thomas Reed to Mary Collins, East Liverpool, $65,000.

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