Permitted items
The federal Bureau of Prisons allows inmates the following items:
CLOTHING: Bathrobe; baseball cap (no logo); footwear -- athletic, casual, shower, slippers, work and gym; tube socks (5), sweatshirts (2), sweat pants (2), T-shirts (5); underwear (7 boxers or briefs); handkerchiefs (5). The color scheme is white or gray.
PERSONAL: Address book; alarm clock (nonelectric); athletic tote bag (no logo); batteries (4); books (5); reading light; bowl (24 ounce); calculator (small, battery or solar powered); calendar (small); comb; combination lock; shaving bag; plastic cup; dentures; earplugs; envelopes (1 box); eyeglasses and case; hairbrush; plastic hangers (5); headphones; plastic jug (1 gallon); mesh laundry bag; letters (25); plastic mirror; ballpoint pens (2); pencils (2); photo album/scrapbook; single-faced photos (25); plastic picture frames (2); playing cards (2 decks); radio; stamps (60 first class); sunglasses; Thermos; watch ($100 maximum value, no stones, electronically unsophisticated -- unable to send signals); plain wedding band; and writing tablets (2).
HYGIENE: Dental floss, adhesive, brush, cleaner and cup; deodorants (2); lens cloth; nail clippers (no file); razor; scissors (mustache, blunt tip); sewing kit; bar soaps (2); soap dish; toothbrush and holder; toothpastes (2); and tweezers (blunt tip).
RECREATIONAL: Athletic supporters (2); fingerless athletic gloves; gloves (handball, 2); harmonica and mouthpiece; eye protection; softball glove; headbands/sweatbands (2); knee wraps (2); racquetballs (4); tennis balls (3); weightlifting belt, gloves and wraps; knitting/crochet needle; tools for bead work; and yarn, embroidery, hoops/needles (1 set).
OTHER: Cigarettes (2 cartons); cigars (1 box); instant chocolate (10 packets); instant coffee (1 jar); Coffeemate (1 jar); pipes (2) and pipe cleaners/filters (1 package); tea (1 jar); and smokeless tobacco (10 cans).

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