Marriage licenses
Michael L. Semond, 33, of 2306 Renwick Drive, Poland, and Margaret H. Krotky, 33, of same.
Arthur J. Hamill Sr., 38, of 1703 Elm St., Youngstown, and Susan P. Maiden, 19, of same.
Scott C. Staraitis, 30, of 9595 Gladstone Road, North Jackson, and Christina M. Yanniello, 27, of 3624 Risher Road, Youngstown.
William C. Brown, 48, of 210 W. Winter Ave., New Castle, Pa., and Margaret J. DeCarlo, 46, of same.
Eric R. Bilas, 27, of 5690 Pricetown Road, Berlin Center, and Michelle A. Tamburino, 23, of 15828 Shenandoah Drive, Berlin Center.
Timothy K. Robbins, 34, of 2219 Fifth Ave., Youngstown, and Kathleen M. Slavens, 37, of same.
Abdulaziz T. Albitar, 27, of 672 Cathy Ann Drive, Youngstown, and Lori L. Wensel, 33, of same.
Domestic relations
Tina M. Sobieraj vs. Raymond M. Riley, dismissed.
Yonna M. Stitle vs. Raymond L. Johnson, dismissed.
Shoncie A. Velez vs. Mike Velez, dismissed.
Harold Costello Jr. vs. Belinda Ser Costello, dismissed.
Korie M. Demain vs. Mark A. Demain, dismissed.
Megan Frattaroli vs. Jason George, dismissed.
Guyla Archer vs. Raymond P. Archer, dismissed.
Judi McClendon vs. Earl McClendon, dismissed.
Annette Y. Williams vs. Robert Ingram, dismissed.
Ladonna V. Mcrae vs. Michael A. Mcrae, dismissed.
Annette Butler vs. James E. Martin, dismissed.
Susan M. Hileman vs. Donald L. Hileman, dismissed.
Sherrica V. Barnette vs. Anthony L. Johnson, dismissed.
Michelle L. Cannell vs. John M. Cannell, dismissed.
Candace R. Miranda vs. Christopher J. Kelly, dismissed.
Chantal McCaffrey vs. Stephen E. McCaffrey, dismissed.
Thomas A. Jones vs. Ann Marie C. Jones Rishel, dismissed.
Nechelle Whitmore vs. Marcus Whitmore, dismissed.
Leslee A. Darby vs. Randall L. Darby, dismissed.
Yvette J. Beck vs. Kurt W. Frenzel, dismissed.
Kathleen M. Harris vs. Don C. Barnes, dismissed.
Tonya H. Bunkley vs. Charles H. Washington, dismissed.
Randy Estes vs. Linda R. Estes, dismissed.
Krissie Dodd vs. Jesse Grate, dismissed.
Ann Martof vs. John Martof, dismissed.
Sarah P. Craine vs. Shawn C. Russell, dismissed.
Kelly M. Easterbrook vs. Raymond T. Easterbrook, dismissed.
Shylene L. Artis vs. Jelonn D. Dodson, dismissed.
Deborah A. Sorice vs. Michael Sorice, dismissed.
Dorthy Y. Dennis vs. Joe C. Williams, dismissed.
Barbara J. Yonnotti vs. David A. Yonnoth Sr., dismissed.
Dawn N. Jones vs. Emma Rose, dismissed.
Mary E. Depizzo vs. Nick J. Depizzo, dismissed.
Timmie M. Harmon vs. Patricia A. Harmon, dismissed.
Nick J. Depizzo vs. Mary E. Deppizzo, dismissed.
Divorces asked
Sara M. Pascarella, 2405 Ridgeview Lane, Poland, vs. Ludwick (Wally) M. Pascarella, 2405 Ridgeview Lane, Poland.
Regina T. Ratliff, 2829 Baker St., Youngstown, vs. Michael D. Ratliff, 1424 Maison Court, Virginia Beach, Va.
Joseph K. Sarigianopoulos, 517 Porter Ave., Campbell, vs. Stephanie A. Sarigianopoulos, 95 Goretti Drive, Campbell.
Ronnie A. Frazzini, 6915 Meander Reserve Court, Canfield, vs. Suzette M. Frazzini, 4580 New England Blvd., Boardman.
Nathan J. Elliott, P.O. Box 8679, Youngstown, vs. Stacey A. Williams-Elliott, 166 W. Earle Ave., Youngstown.
Eric Uys, 32 S. Whitney, Youngstown, vs. Stephanie Owen, 303 Waccamaw, Columbia, S.C.
Dissolutions asked
Brenda L. Shonce, 12205 Colonial Villa Trailer Park, Lot 214, Goshen Road, Salem, and Dorsey G. Shonce, 13050 Diagonal Road, Salem.
Claudia E. Sansone, 481 Franklin St., Napa, Calif., and James J. Sansone Sr., 6924 Gibson Road, Canfield.
New complaints
Ermelina Molina et al vs. LTV Steel Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. Terrence L. Arnaut et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown vs. Mary F. Stanislaw et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage Inc. vs. Ronald E. Holmes et al, foreclosure.
Linda Widla vs. Richard A. Beach, money.
Great Northern Insurance vs. Ben Rudick & amp; Son Inc. et al, money.
Citifinancial Mortgage et al vs. Gregory J. Buck et al, foreclosure.
R.T. Vernal Paving Inc. vs. S & amp;A Construction Inc., money.
Gordon Proctor, Director Ohio Dept. of Transportation vs. Eric Jones et al, property and money.
Gordon Proctor et al vs. unknown transferees, assigns, executors, administrators, heirs and devisees of Gene Miller et al, property and money.
Gordon Proctor et al vs. unknown transferees, assigns, executors, administrators, heirs and devisees of Guiseppe Palermo et al, property and money.
Gordon Proctor et al vs. Mary Grace Carelly et al, property and money.
Gordon Proctor et al vs. unknown transferees, assigns, executors, administrators, heirs and devisees of Phillip Pallante et al, property and money.
Gordon Proctor et al vs. unknown transferees, assigns, executors, administrators, heirs and devisees of Carol V. Latronica et al, property and money.
Metropolitan National Bank vs. Larry E. Brownlee et al, foreclosure.
Timothy E. Franken et al vs. Mark S. Talaganis, money.
Richard Detec vs. James R. Shaffer Jr., money.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Peter J. Virden, sentenced to 15 months for violation of community control.
State of Ohio vs. Gertrude P. Gastaldo, sentenced to six months for possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Barbara Riley, court imposes two years community control, to complete day reporting program at CCA, and to make full restitution for aggravated assault.
William Janik vs. Christopher Bable, judgment for plaintiff.
Debra L. Miller vs. Exal Corp. et al, dismissed.
Geraldine Wisler vs. Bonnie L. Parsons, dismissed.
Alexandria J. Birch vs. Edward Chismar, settled and dismissed.
Janeta Berry vs. Dave McKelvey et al, dismissed.
National City Bank vs. George M. Pontikos et al, foreclosure.
C. Robert Buchanan et al vs. James S. Paris et al, dismissed.
Contimortgage Inc. vs. Michael P. Kline et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Rodolfo Rivera Jr. et al, dismissed.
Robert Kirtos vs. McRoyal Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Ramona Martin vs. Briarfield Life Care Center et al, settled and dismissed.
UCFC Home Equity vs. Alethea C. McMeans et al, dismissed.
Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. NA vs. Deborah Calderone et al, judgment entry and decree.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Anna R. Strait et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial vs. Unknown admin. of estate of Effie Bentley, dec'd et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Frederick Demarco et al, foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Mischelle Riley et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
Carol Delfre vs. Handel Investments Inc. et al, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Ray C. Anderson Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Jason Neapolitan et al vs. Minnie Andrews et al, satisfied.
Probate court
Will of Mark E. Nesbitt: estate to Mark E. Nesbitt Trust, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Ponderosa Park to Denise Hileman, Goshen Twp., $5,500.
B & amp; M Associates to Youngstown Pre-Press Inc., Austintown Twp., $325,000.
T.C. Quality Homes Inc. to Leo Napolitano et al, Canfield Twp., $245,100.
Kathleen A. Scarnecchia to Angie J. Eckenrode, Struthers, $75,000.
Ronald J. Fagert et al to Jon D. Finch et al, Boardman Twp., $155,780.
Frank A. Lordi to Erich Schuller, Youngstown, $55,000.
John L. Kovey to Kenneth L. Kasiewicz, Boardman Twp., $76,000.
James Bakalar to Shirley Neopolitan, Struthers, $63,000.
Thomas J. Gula et al to Timothy M. Frease, Youngstown, $55,000.
Latessa Construction Ltd. to Michael R. Herman et al, Austintown Twp., $150,900.
Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp. to CMC Group Inc., Jackson Twp., $77,500.
Bank One NA to Mark J. Mijavic, Youngstown, $36,500.
Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Ronald A. Strollo et al, Austintown Twp., $252,041.
Esther Bitonte to Stewart L. White Jr. et al, Boardman Twp., $65,000.
Richard E. Hanes etal to Harry L. McCartney et al, Smith Twp., $72,000.
Donald J. Trehan et al to Harold M. Costello Jr., Boardman Twp., $85,300.
Robert C. Barnhart to Brent H. Lammers, Struthers, $155,000.
Helen A. Kuhar to Vincent J. Wloch et al, Boardman Twp., $140,000.
Lloyd Priester et al to Gene A. DeChristofaro et al, Youngstown, $7,000.
Brad W. Ruffner et al to John F. McBride Sr., Austintown Twp., $55,500.
Rose Marie Benford to Claude Bowman, Youngstown, $33,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Kent D. Ulman, 5044 Aravesta Ave., Boardman, independent agent; liabilities, $38,139; assets, $1,538.
John J. Welsh, 6151 Oak St. Ext., Lowellville, truck driver, Timken Latrobe Steel Distribution; liabilities, $121,928; assets, $84,400.
Sherry A. Gillis, 490 Raccoon Road, Apt. 7, Hillbrooke Apts., Bldg. F, Youngstown, head cook, Briarfield of Ashley; liabilities, $20,916; assets, $5,300.
Malinda S. Murad, Youngstown, security, Youngstown State University; liabilities, $67,342; assets, $79,200.
Richard T. and Melissa A. Baker, 8280 Southern Blvd., Apt. 4, Boardman, he: sales, Red Diamond Uniform; she: retail, Gorant Candies; liabilities, $46,820; assets, $6,050.
John P. Chiasson, 245 N. Yorkshire, Austintown, laborer, Lear; liabilities, $38,790; assets, $1,450.
Anthony G. and Phyllis M. Carlin, 216 E. Florida, Youngstown, he: Callas Associates; she: none; liabilities, $3,700; assets, $12,310.
Christine A. Cook, 347 Brookfield Ave., Youngstown, residential service coordinator, Columbiana Counseling; liabilities, $195,021; assets, $189,075.
Jeffrey G. Vargo, 3620 Neilson Ave., Youngstown, Kaufmann's; liabilities, $52,375; assets, $33,700.
Dana L. Ridgeway, 11764 South Ave., North Lima, truck driver, R & amp; J Trucking; liabilities, $224,465; assets, $64,025.
Raymond Crites, 1916 Summer St., Youngstown, and P.O. Box 6223, Youngstown, dishwasher, Page's New Ages Diner; liabilities, $19,418; assets, $9,140.
Ronald J. and Diane L. Miller, 55 Poland Ave., Struthers, he: surveyor, she: cashier, Sparkle Market; liabilities, $15,690; assets, $4,450.
Sylvia L. Guisler, 625 Blueberry Hill Drive, Canfield, sales clerk, Value City Furniture; liabilities, $18,807; assets, $20,750.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Berkley Hawkes Jr., 139 W. Earle Ave., Youngstown, mover, HH Pincham Moving; liabilities, $40,062; assets, $11,200.
Theresa A. Rumberger, 450 Heacock Road, Sebring, bank teller, Carnation Community Credit Union; liabilities, $120,110; assets, $94,500.
Betty Heffron, 2731 Tampa Ave., Youngstown, pounder, Brentwood Originals; liabilities, $4,007; assets, $19,807.
Serandis Prasinos, 500 Tenney Ave., Campbell, disabled; liabilities, $110,474; assets, $102,800.

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