What can a teen do for bigger breasts?
Although there are tons of myths about how to make your breasts larger (from special creams to exercise techniques), the truth is that there really is no way to change the size of your breasts -- except through cosmetic surgery. What you can do is to learn how to be comfortable with the size and shape of your breasts, and understand that there are pros and cons to all different types of bodies.
If you think your breasts are on the small side, it's no big deal. They'll never hurt your back, neck, or shoulders, and if you forget your sports bra when it comes time for gym class, you'll survive. Not to mention you probably have other great assets -- like your unique personality or your outstanding wit. Just remember that we've all gone through times when we didn't like parts of our bodies. Guys worry about the size of their penises, and girls who have large breasts have their own concerns, too, so you're definitely not alone. Plus, if a guy likes you only because of your breasts, then he's probably not worth your time anyway!
When to see a doctor
If you still think you have a problem with your breasts, though, you might want to talk to your doctor or gynecologist. He or she can probably reassure you that you're developing normally. You should absolutely contact your doctor if you're having problems with unusual breast pain or if you detect a lump in your breast.
But unless someone invents a way for us to magically change the size of our breasts painlessly (and without a knife!), you'll have to learn to love yourself just the way you are.
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