Question: "What is your reaction to the expulsion of Jim Traficant from Congress this evening?"

Question: "What is your reaction to the expulsion of Jim Traficant from Congress this evening?" Mahoning Valley residents respond.
"This expulsion was premature. I still feel that a number of unanswered questions that have arisen recently should have been given an opportunity to be addressed. And I would have hoped that [U.S. Rep.] Steve LaTourette's motion [for postponement of the decision] might have staved off this rush to judgment."
Andres Visnapuu of Boardman, book publisher
"It's a shame that it happened. But, if you make your bed, you lie in it. There's a lot of evidence indicating the guilt of Jim.''
Jim Villers of Youngstown, security guard
"Thank God. It's about time. He seemed to think he was above the law, but this shows that he is not. He gives this area a bad name, and we need some fresh blood in there."
Kim Yannucci of Youngstown, law student, University of Akron
"Given all of the evidence that the subcommittee viewed, I think that they came to the right decision."
Ken Shirilla of Boardman, retired autoworker
"I think he got what he deserved. I mean the whole Congress voted him out."
William Donley of Kent, formerly of Youngstown, bricklayer
"It was a done deal even before this whole proceeding started. It was nice to see that most of the congressmen could show up. I think Jim basically was campaigning. He did an excellent job. I think the fellow from Missouri took him apart at the end, though. Bottom line -- it's a railroad job. "
Don L. Hanni III of Youngstown, political consultant
"I think it's unfortunate that it happened, but I understand they had to abide by their laws and their rules, and that's how I think they came to their decision. I think they made the right decision."
Sandie Romanko of Poland, registered nurse:
"Mr. Traficant was unfortunate in that he had gotten involved with so many people that were so corrupt. Those kinds of things would never sit well with anyone that wants to be able to have some kind of a status with regard to being an elected, trusted public official. I think the guy was elected overwhelmingly because of his blue-collar moxie, and he was expelled probably for the same reason."
Brendan Gilmartin of Youngstown, pizza shop manager

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