Mill Creek Park fortunate to have fine new director

Mill Creek Park fortunate to have fine new director
This letter serves to enthusiastically applaud the Mill Creek Metroparks' Board of Park Commissioners for their thorough, objective, professional, fair, and non-political search for a new executive director.
After an expansive nationwide search resulted in many qualified candidates, the board diligently, rigorously and objectively took on the task of narrowing the fine field of applicants down to just one.
Moreover, the candidate eventually selected by the board, Susan E. Dicken, is not only immensely qualified for the position of executive director, but has also served for over a decade with the Metroparks as one of the premier development directors for any park system, anywhere.
It is both refreshing and beneficial for the Valley to see one of our political entities promoting competent and professional people from within.
Finally, in a political environment which has been wrought with nepotism and political favoritism for far to long, it is indeed commendable and noteworthy to see someone get internally promoted to an important position based solely on skill, experience and qualifications.
We commend the Metropark's commissioners for the way they conducted their search for a new executive director, and we hope the Valley's other political entities shall follow the lead set by the Metroparks and fill important vacancies objectively and fairly, without regard for political expediency or favoritism.
X The writer is CEO of Animal Charity.
Secular humanism to blame for U.S. scandals
Looking back over the last 100 years at the many changes in the morals and values of the people of this country, it seems strange to me that anyone would be surprised at the unfolding scandals of CEOs and boards of directors.
The history of the last 100 years shows us that the deterioration of the moral fibers of our country began when we permitted the teaching of the religion of humanism in our schools. (Humanism was declared a religion by the Supreme Court.)
The humanistic manifesto states that there is no God -- there is no right or wrong and in some circumstances it is OK to lie or steal depending upon the situation (known as situational ethics).
Our former president used that concept when he lied to the American people because he didn't want to hurt his family or create embarrassment.
How naive did he think we were? Can't we see that the same thing has happened today with these CEOs and boards of directors? Many have overlooked some questionable accounting practices because everybody else is doing it and getting away with it so why shouldn't they? Why upset the applecart?
How we have strayed so far from the fact that honesty, integrity, character and God-fearing people, which were the basis of the founding of this great and glorious nation of ours, have lost their importance.
No government can last long if the citizenry is not self-governed by religion. May God please forgive and continue to bless the United States of America.