"I just think it makes Ohio look bad having him in Congress doing what he did. I think it was a good

"I just think it makes Ohio look bad having him in Congress doing what he did. I think it was a good decision. I think we're trying to clean up our act around here, and I think it's good for our community to say we're not going to tolerate it."
Stacey Willis of Youngstown
"I think he brings out a lot of things that I really think people need to know. I don't appreciate his loud mouth and, sometimes, his attitude, but I think he's getting a raw deal."
Lucille Rice of Boardman
"It's sad to me. ...Remember what Christ said when he was approached by the woman who committed adultery? What did he say? 'You who is without sin cast the first [stone.]' "
David Kohout of Boardman

"I'd vote for him. He was a darn good sheriff, I'll tell you that."
Evelyn Blake of Boardman
"I love Jim Traficant. I feel bad for the guy. He probably did things that were wrong, but overall, he did a good job. I really do think he did a lot for the Valley."
Kelli Wright of Wellsville
"I had a hard time watching it last night because I saw his peers, who are probably as guilty as he is, criticizing him."
Wendy Chuey of Poland
"He got caught. Do I believe other congressmen did worse than him? Yes. He just got convicted."
Michael Soroka of Campbell
"I think the House did the right thing, and I think the community will be better off without him. I would hope he would not run again and graciously let us replace him."
Myrna Zuti of Poland
"I feel bad that we had to get recognized worldwide for something like that. I felt sorry for him last night. ... But he got caught."
Joy Bucci of Poland
"I'm glad it's over. ... I didn't vote for him last time or the time before that, so why would I vote for him now?"
Nick Damico of Boardman
"They didn't give him a fair trial. There was too much politics between the Republicans and Democrats. It was them fighting, not for him. ... He's my neighbor, and he's a good neighbor." Helen Smith of Poland
"They're all as guilty as he is. At least he got something done for us."
Bob Brubaker of Leetonia
"He's done good, and he should be credited for it. But he broke the law, and he should be reprimanded."
George Kyser of Green Twp., Mahoning County
"I sort of felt sorry for him. I think he got a raw deal. I like what he says sometimes about the government."
Pat Edling of Salem
"I feel bad about what happened. I'm not sure, with all the other issues, what would be the harm to wait until after the summer break? ... The question it came down to was: 'Is Congress doing what Congress is supposed to do,' which is the will of the people."
Alan Prince of Poland
"They finally got him. I think he should have been expelled."
Charles Wiggers of Salem
"He had it coming."
Gary Bates of Salem
"Leave him in there [Congress]."
Steve Martin of Columbiana
"It sure seemed like they were in a hurry to get him shut up."
Alan Neiswonger of Salem
"He's my hero, and I'll vote for him if he runs again. I think if the government is out to get them, they'll get them. ... Right now, I think, people have no faith in our government."
Ralph Ambrosiaof New Springfield
"This expulsion was premature. I still feel that a number of unanswered questions that have arisen recently should have been given an opportunity to be addressed. And I would have hoped that [U.S. Rep.] Steve LaTourette's motion [for postponement of the decision] might have staved off this rush to judgment."
Andres Visnapuu of Boardman

"It's a shame that it happened. But, if you make your bed, you lie in it. There's a lot of evidence indicating the guilt of Jim.''
Jim Villers of Youngstown
"Thank God. It's about time. He seemed to think he was above the law, but this shows that he is not. He gives this area a bad name, and we need some fresh blood in there." Kim Yannucci of Youngstown
"Given all of the evidence that the subcommittee viewed, I think that they came to the right decision."
Ken Shirilla of Boardman
"I think he got what he deserved. I mean the whole Congress voted him out."
William Donley of Kent, formerly of Youngstown

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