Marriage licenses
Randall J. Voytilla, 26, of 491 Sixth St., Struthers, and Emily C. Zane, 25, of 11152 Crackle Road, Mantua.
Steven R. Grosenbaugh, 36, of 100 S. Lake Park Blvd., #12, Sebring, and Sherry L. Louive, 37, of same.
Beondre Waller, 48, of 920 E. Pasadena, Youngstown, and Sherbie D. Julious, 44, of 3401 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown.
Andre B. Little, 34, of 1438 Oak St., Youngstown, and Charmaine C. McAllister, 32, of 3242 Nelson Ave., Youngstown.
Emanuel Mastoris, 24, of 410 River Ave., Beaver, Pa., and Kelly A. Suchanec, 25, of same.
Matthew D. Rarick, 27, of 4514 Woodridge Drive, Austintown, and Ellen J. Knight, 26, of same.
Marlon A. Jackson, 25, of 485 Boston Ave., Youngstown, and Annilisa L. Benson, 24, of same.
Jeffrey S. Minehart, 32, of 2543 Spitler Road, Poland, and Jennifer A. Mook, 28, of 6469 Diana Drive, #4, Poland.
Mohamed Kattab Hammouda, 27, of 4813 Westchester Road, #304, Austintown, and Manal A. Kassim, 28, of 550 S. Raccoon Road, H8, Austintown.
Thomas E. Bish, 47, of 122 Clarencedale Ave., Youngstown, and Nancy Larsen, 49, of same.
Legal separation
Betty Novotny, 458 Forest Hill, Austintown, vs. Martin O. Novotny, 16482 Leffingwell Road, Berlin Center.
Dissolutions asked
Rob Pachner Jr. 954 Mathews Road, Youngstown, and Cheryl Pachner, 8681 Akron-Canfield Road, Canfield.
New complaints
The CIT Group/ Consumer Finance Inc. vs. Vera Timkovich et al foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Michael Keirsey et al, foreclosure.
Peter J. Mohl vs. Robert Schall, money.
Alex Terlesky vs. Belinda Fiorini-Belli et al, money.
First Place Bank vs. Gerryanne Blystone et al, money.
Jasson T. Faison vs. Gary Ventling et al, money.
Bankers Trust Co. of California vs. Ronald A. Adair et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Tommie Thomas et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Mattie Adams et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. The Safeway Investment Co., et al foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Emma L. Montgomery et al, foreclosure.
Meritage Mortgage Corp. vs. John Thompson et al, foreclosure.
Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization vs. James A. Davis et al, foreclosure.
Lynn Rigby et al vs. Raul Lopez M.D. et al, professional tort.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Terry Russo et al, foreclosure.
Joseph R. Grenga vs. Bank One et al, money.'
Jennifer Koch vs. Bette K. Chikosky, money.
First Resolution Investment Corp. vs. Michael L. Strickland, money.
Joellyn Sheronovich vs. Crystal F. Ceja et al, money.
Daniel Calabrette vs. James Conrad admr. BWC, workers' compensation.
Rainbow Rentals Inc. vs. Jeremy Grant, money.
Gina M. Derr et al vs. Carey A Benner et al, money.
Theresa Nally et al vs. William Harley et al, money.
Lynette M. Jett et al vs. Anson B. Smith & amp; Co. et al, money.
Patsy Angelilli et al vs. Angela Borden et al, money.
Nationwide Mutual Life Ins. Co. vs. Marvin Rudolph, money.
Platinum Financial Services Corp. vs. Mary Jones, money.
Tammy Johnson mother and natural guardian of Tre Sean Johnson a minor et al vs. Sayed El-Azeem M.D. et al, money.
Carolina Development Co. Ltd. et al vs. William Hyland et al, money,
Security National Ins. Co. et al vs. Brooke Healey, money.
Frank Snyder vs. Consolidated Stores et al, money.
National City Mortgage Co. vs. Richard Holstein et al, foreclosure.
U. S. Bank National Assoc. vs. William G. Mills et al, foreclosure.
Cedant Mortgage Corp. vs. Robert L. McHenry et al, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. vs. Robert M. Johnson et al, foreclosure.
Donna M. Kent et al vs. Mahoning Valley Imaging Ltd. et al, money.
Gerald Barber vs. Meghan Hanni, money.
City of Youngstown vs. William Naples dec'd. et al, money.
Linda Senich vs. West American Ins. Co. et al, money.
GordonProctor Director vs. Unknown Transferees, Assigns, Executors, Administrators, et al, petition to appropriate property and to fix compensation.
Leonard Olson vs. Jeff Staley dba Staley & amp; Son Auto Sales & amp; Service, money.
Eileen Leonard et al vs. Priscilla A. King, money.
Western Reserve Concerned Citizens et al vs. Canfield Twp. Board of Zoning Appeals et al, appeal.
Sandra Atwell vs. Lowe's Home Centers Inc. et al, money.
Wachovia Bank as trustee vs. Ali Itayim et al, foreclosure.
Terry Anderson et al vs. Progressive Ins. Co., money.
Probate court
Will of Patsy Retort: estate to daughter, Helen Retort Patterson,
Will of Martin J. Mayer Sr.: estate to wife, Jean
Will of Alma R. Shambaugh: estate to children, Maureen R. Mann, Robert L. Shambaugh, Brian P. Shambaugh.
Will of Julia M. Cene: estate to husband, Bert R.
Will of Frank Mulidore Sr.: estate to wife, Barbara A.
Real estate transfers
Cynthia R. DeBartolo to National Industrial Development Corp., Canfield Twp., $626,600.
Catherine L. Desimone to Amy M. Garron, Youngstown, $52,900.
G.R.P.L. Enterprises Inc., to Wally V. Alex et al, Canfield Twp., $40,000.
Halil Erzurum to Sergo Erzurum et al, Boardman Twp., $870,000.
Max Walton to Boyd Property Mgmt. LLC, Youngstown, $22,500.
Frank Musilli et al to David Norton et al, Boardman Twp., $295,000.
Doris Cline to Roger R. Mellott, Goshen Twp., $79,900.
Kary J. Pollock to Pamela S. Prokop et al, Austintown Twp., $72,000.
James P. Carcheti to Susan Guy et al, Poland Twp., $163,500.
Daniel F. Levendosky to Bruce A. Lev, Youngstown, $7,171.
Kenneth J. Fisher et al to Dyan E. Dowling, Austintown Twp., $87,000.
Jane Herbert to Sungki Leemaster, Youngstown, $42,000.
Barth & amp; Richardson Management Ltd. to Latessa Construction Ltd., Springfield Twp., $30,000.
Donna Mitchell Baird to Timothy J. Proverbs et al, Canfield School District, $79,000.
Alfred T. Washington et al to Christal A. Dawson, Youngstown, $34,000.
Robert Cregar to Eryck Griffin, Coitsville Twp., $87,900.
Stefano and Assoc. to RobertJ. Yourstowsky et al, Canfield Twp., $259,045.
John Tablack to John R. Walsh et al, Struthers, $22,000.
David Beil et al to Lucille McCrae, Austintown Twp., $95,000.
Mary E. Hall to John C. Kerr et al, Austintown Twp., $86,000.
Michael J. Bachtel et al to Joseph Banko et al, Austintown Twp., $109,500.
Thomas Reed Jr. et al to Sheree L. Eberly, Canfield City, $258,900.
Leroy R. Eberly et al to Thomas P. Reed Jr., Canfield City, $130,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Greg L. and Marie A. Smith, 271 N. Fifteenth St., Apt. 4, Sebring; he: fork operator, GME East; she: none: liabilities, $38,952; assets, $24,340.
George Jr. and Kasie Wilkes, 123, Lisbon St., Canfield; he: truck driver, Marten Transport LTD; she: none; liabilities, $245,160; assets, $1,705.
Robert M. and Sheila R. Johnson, 559 Detroit Ave., Youngstown; he: training person, Boston Retail Product; she: central service co-ordinator, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $124,916; assets, $35,212.
Melva J. Day, 3514 Cooper St., Youngstown; social security; liabilities, $39,361; assets, $12,868.
Robert C. Jr. and Michelle A. Green, Youngstown; he: Residential superintendent Community Corrections; she: child care worker, Lincoln Place; liabilities, $60,118; assets, $31,638.
Joseph J. Jr. and Dawn M. Montella, 40 S. Dunlap; Youngstown; he: parts warehouse, Pat Young; she: finance officer/ billing, Austinwoods; liabilities, $131,375; assets, $62,305.
James and Barbara DePasqua, 1538 Tamarisk, Trail, Poland; he: Superintendent, Diamondhead Construction; she: teacher, Liberty Schools; liabilities, $194,750; assets, $127,800.
Tammy A. Rush, 6873 Tippecanoe Road, Canfield; P. C. Support tech, Penn State University; liabilities $182,721; assets, $91,600.
Bill and Chris Wiseman, 1579 Idaho Road, Youngstown; he: housekeeping/env. svcs, St. Elizabeth Health Center; she: assistant manager, Rainbow Apparel; liabilities, $138,715; assets, $97,870.
Darren Carducci, 542 Sixth St., Struthers; management, Red Lobster; liabilities, $20,165; assets, $800.
April D. Seworth, 834 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown; substitute teacher, Youngstown City Schools; liabilities, $101,316; assets, $570.
Jamie A. White, 4306 Southern Blvd., #1, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $11,551; assets, $600.
Phyllis R. Baingana, Youngstown; deputy clerk, Mahoning County; liabilities, $81,147; assets, $63,610.
Altina D. Clark, 1941 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown; restorative aide, Shepherd of the Valley; liabilities, $18,638; assets, $2,365.
Ruben D. and Raquel Martinez, 54 E. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown; he: machine operator, DATCO; she: none; liabilities, $61,040; assets, $26,448.
Anthony J. Latosky, 3384 Sandalwood Lane, Austintown; none; liabilities, $57,968; assets, $8,726.
Felix E. Mitchell, 56 Whitman Lane, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $31,342; assets, $1,730.
Walter and Melissa Acevedo, 873 Compass West, Youngstown; he: etcher, Gemstone Memorials; she: none; liabilities, $17,461; assets, $910.
Craig S. Kerr, 95 Shadyside, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $68,311; assets, $20,975.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Gary D. II and Jennifer Short, Youngstown; he: corrections, CFSC; she: homemaker; liabilities, $41,529; assets, $27,802.
Cheryl Silas, 2736 Griselda Ave., Youngstown; lead care manager, Sunrise of Poland; liabilities, $36,315; assets, $27,065.
Anita Reed, 6941 Tippecanoe Road, Canfield; R.N., Robinson Memorial Hospital; liabilities, $124,732; assets, $103,420.
Robert O. Muhammad, 2023 E. High St. Youngstown, and Laveeda V. Davis Muhammed, 4814 Hope Ave., Ashtabula; he: retired; she: service rep. Dept. of Jobs & amp; Family Services; liabilities, $113,878; assets, $47,560.
David S. VanSlyke Sr., 2200 Raccoon Road, #46, Austintown; welder operator, GMC; liabilities, $46,872; assets, $8,210.
Eddie and Josephine Walton, 103 Early Road, Youngstown; he: retired; she: Callos Nursery; liabilities, $73,014; assets, $48,080.

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