Giant Eagle, CVS' motive to eliminate competition

Giant Eagle, CVS' motive to eliminate competition
I am deeply saddened by the closings of the Phar-Mor stores, but I am also angered. It is beyond my comprehension that two area stores, namely Giant Eagle and CVS, would stoop to buying the stores only to liquidate them. These corporations have no qualms about putting over 1,000 people out of work in order to benefit themselves. What about our anti-trust laws? Anyone with half a brain can see that they are merely trying to eliminate their competition. And it is ludicrous to believe that they will be able to employ more than a small fraction of the displaced workers. In all probability, they will hire only the lowest paid employees, leaving Tamco warehouse workers and Phar-Mor executives high and dry. And let's face it, these are the employees that pump money back into our local economy.
I also feel that it is not in the Phar-Mor creditors' interest to accept this bid. If I were a creditor, I would much rather have an ongoing entity take over so that I would still have a customer purchasing my products in the years to come. I would definitely choose continued revenue over a lump some payment of a debt.
If we don't let these companies know how we feel, they will continue to eliminate all their competition, which will eventually lead to even higher prices. There are plenty of other grocery stores and small pharmacies that would truly appreciate your business. Shop at these stores and let Giant Eagle and CVS know why.
Young hero earns thanks from victims' families
Recently, there was a fiery crash around 8:30 p.m on Western Reserve Road just west of the bike trail and S.R. 46. My son and I were on the trail at the southern end (at Western Reserve) talking with two other men and women. We heard a crash, then saw the smoke, and one man, an EMT, said, "That didn't sound good." So my son took off on his bike and rode down there. I called 911 on my cell phone, and the other man borrowed one of the ladies' bikes and took off to the crash site.
When my son got there -- he was first to arrive -- the front end of the car was in flames. The driver had been ejected and the passenger had been thrown into the back seat of the vehicle. My son pulled her from the burning vehicle.
I really believe we were in the right place at the right time. I am very proud of my son. We took a course in first aid through the American Red Cross, and you are taught to not move the victims. But in this case, my son reacted without hesitation.
When we saw the story on television, the car was totally burned out. How these kids are alive is a miracle. They didn't have their seat belts on, but if they had, they probably would have burned to death.
We went to the hospital after we got home, to check on their conditions, and were introduced to the parents and actually got in to see the kids. When the news story came on the television in the hospital waiting room, no one could believe the two kids had survived that crash. The parents had tears in their eyes looking at that vehicle, and everyone cheered. My son received a lot of hugs and handshakes. I am really proud of him. I just hope someone does the same thing in return should something so terrible ever happen to my kids.