Officials investigate food poisoning

TRANSFER, Pa. -- Chris Hackett said Pennsylvania authorities are still trying to determine the source of the E. coli food poisoning that sent two of his three children to the hospital.
Hackett said Mariah, 4, may have suffered some permanent kidney damage and spent 34 days in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. She was discharged Friday.
His son, Matthew, 5, spent four days in the same hospital earlier this month, he said.
Hackett and his wife, Wendy, live in Speirs Shadeland Estates, a mobile home park, with their three children.
The youngest, Madison, 1, hasn't become ill, Hackett said.
Matthew, who became ill July 4, appears to have completely recovered, but Mariah, who became ill June 2, has had a much tougher time of it, Hackett said.
Her kidneys went into complete shutdown for two weeks, she suffered a brain seizure, experienced temporary blindness and even stopped breathing at one point, he said.
She's hom e now and running around playing but is taking a variety of medications.
Doctors said she may have to undergo kidney dialysis or even a kidney transplant at some point, Hackett said.
Both children were hit with the same strain of E. coli but authorities haven't been able to pinpoint the source and have told the family they may never find it, Hackett said.

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