Marriage licenses
Gary A. Hilton Jr., legal age, of Niles, and Danielle L. Zubal, legal age, of same.
Kyle E. Fisher, 21, of 173 Harold St., Akron, and Tiffany L. Jones, 37, of 1024 S. Park Court, Brookfield.
Willie Moore Jr., 61, of 1440 5th St. S.W., Warren, and Cassandra D. Reese, 45, of same.
Stephen A. Barnes, 50, of 505 Tod Ave., Warren, and Carol S. Palmer, 46, of 925 Youngstown-Warren Road, Niles.
Robert E. Bartlett, 30, of 24 Tuttle Lane, Girard, and Tracy L. Green, 24, of same.
Frederick W. Wiseman, 31, of 616 Kenilworth, Warren, and Mary G. Parisi, 27, of same.
Brian C. McCrimmon, 21, of Cortland, and Heather M. Smith, 20, of same.
Dion L. Johnson Sr., 26, of 1118 Orlo Drive S.W., Warren, and Margo S. Williams, 32, of same.
Timothy Smith, 40, of 2528 Kenwood Drive S.W., Warren, and Lizette S. Ragster, 43, of same.
Christopher D. Tomlinson, 24, of 9412 State St., Kinsman, and Elizabeth A. Ballentine, 24, of same.
Roberto M. Biasutto, 41, of 543 Cousineau Road, Windsor, Ontario, and Margaret M. Easterday, 28, of 5510 state Route 7, Kinsman.
Brian J. Alexi, 29, of 78 Stoneybrooke Drive, Hubbard, and Pamela A. Mortiz, 25, of same.
David A. Tyburski, 51, of 1011 Waugh Drive, Hubbard, and Victoria A. Lewis, 40, of 340 Caroline Ave., Hubbard.
Michael J. Cannistra, 29, of Hilliard, Ohio, and Lee Ann M. Simoni, 24, of Warren.
Jason M. Albright, 30, of 743 Mauro Circle, Warren, and Jerri L. Hicks, 29, of same.
James T. Monroe, 30, of 2330 Riverside Drive, Newton Falls, and Brenda L. McQuain, 31, of same.
Derek J. Suba, 25, of 820 N. Highland Ave., Girard, and Melissa Lalama, 27, of 119 Chippewa Court, Girard.
Richard A. McGlynn, 56, of 1033 Illinois Ave., McDonald, and Lisa M. Davidson, 41, of same.
William S. Schramm, 21, of 42193 Webster Road, LaGrange, Ohio, and Katie R. Allen, 22, of 1830 Cherry Lane, Hubbard.
Shane M. Click, 25, of 157 Martin Luther King, Warren, and Bobbi J. Myers, 21, of same.
Eric D. Hetson, 36, of 3239 Franklin Ave., Hubbard, and Diane Y. Politi, 40, of 244 Warner Road, Hubbard.
David E. Wilson Jr., 37, of 7 Circle St., Niles, and Tina M. Grimm, 23, of same.
Michael E. Shaffer, 36, of 3545 Evergreen Ave. S. E., Warren, and Jodi M. Clutter, 32, of same.
Eric S. Sutch, 25, of 294 Fonderlac, Warren, and Krystie L. Whetstone, 24, of 9265 Bay Hill Drive, Warren.
Joseph A. Mach, 29, of 2220 Shalom Ave. N. W., Warren, and Crystal G. McFarland, 23, of same.
Frank L. Young Jr., 28, of 335 Churchill Road, Girard, and Jody M. Pyatt, 24, of 675 Purdue Ave., Austintown.
Thomas C. Ruby II, 21, of 742 Mauro Circle, Warren, and Jeanette Vigorito, 21, of same.
William R. Allen, 35, of 84 Kinsman Road, Greenville, Pa., and Angela S. Church, 28, of same.
Isaac P. Kaltenbach, 20, of 596 Stull Ave., Girard, and Andrea M. Vranches, 21, of same.
Randy J. Coy, 43, of 1574 Taft Ave., Newton Falls, and Susan M. Welz, 39, of same.
Richard E. Loomis, 27, of 6657 Love Warner Road, Cortland, and Tina M. Konopinski, 22, of same.
Harry J. Sanderson, 30, of 5684 Burnett Road, Leavittsburg, and Julia A. Sharpe, 23, of 505 S. Leavitt Road, Leavittsburg.
Larry W. McNutt, 27, of 2945 Draper St. S.E., Warren, and Lisa M. Pyne, 33, of same.
Robert W. Pirigyi Jr., 27, of 1644 Stillwagon, Niles, and Tracie L. Milliman, 31, of 538 Mosier Road, Girard.
William T. Brock, 28, of 52 W. Federal St., Niles, and Kimberly S. Gillespie, 30, of same.
David Johnson, 23, of 3105 Judyth St., Warren, and Laura A. Willis, 21, of same.
James A. McKernan, 31, of 1142 Leslie Lane, Girard, and Joanne C. Goist, 27, of same.
Mark A. Presley, 21, of 1951 Southern Blvd., Warren, and Andrea D. Dearth, 20, of 10369 Newton Falls Road, Newton Falls.
Michael R. Blose, 21, of 6687 Haynes South Road, Kinsman, and Deidre R. Emery, 18, of 5875 Bushnell Campbell Road, Kinsman.
Martin E. Ferrell, 24, of 820 Churchill Hubbard Road, Youngstown, and Juanita L. Bennett, 25, of same.
Thomas M. Collins, 22, of 6124 Bushnell Campbell Road, Kinsman, and Beth A. Sprague, 23, of same.
Scott B. Guenther, 33, of 209 Churchill Road, Girard, and Patricia L. Gundrum, 34, of same.
Gregory L. Sampson, 40, of 1828 Housel Craft Road, Bristolville, and Sheri L. Lyons, 39, of same.
Anthony P. Holbrook, 20, of 333 Maplewood Drive, Cortland, and Julie A. Palumbo, 19, of same.
Divorces asked
Brian Postlethwait vs. Carol Anne Postlethwait.
Tammy Best vs. Timothy Best.
Kathleen Farr vs. Kenyon C. Farr.
Walter Paldino vs. Valane Paldino.
Divorces granted
Linda D. Bunch vs. Mark D. Bunch Sr.
Rebecca Huff vs. Stephen M. Huff.
Barbara A. Gibbs vs. Michael J. Gibbs.
Patricia Giurbino vs. Michael J. Giurbino; wife restores name to Morrell.
Legal separations
Lori R. Ross McBriar vs. Kenneth M. McBriar.
Dissolutions asked
Paul H. Straley and Jennifer L. Straley.
Jason E. Denman and Melia Jo Denman.
Dale Peck and Marilyn Peck.
Darryl J. McKee Jr. and Christine M. McKee.
Mark Hilty and Michele Hilty.
Linda L. Rhodes and Fererico Rhodes.
Michelle Zurasky and Gary Zurasky.
Robin Sinclair and Daniel C. Sinclair Sr.
Randy C. Dittmer and Carol L. Dittmer.
Cynthia Basilon and Brian L. Basilon.
Dennis L. Varner Jr. and Christine S. Varner.
Damon Stout and Charlene Stout.
Gail L. Irwin and Theodore T. Irwin.
LaSonya Clay and Warren Clay.
Dissolutions granted
Gregory Ondik and Belinda M. Ondik.
Robert J. Kovach and Vicki Kovach.
Donna Lough and Christopher Lough.
James C. Foster and Carol E. Foster.
Marilyn K. Greene and Andrew K. Greene.
Amy M. Kountz and Gale W. Kountz.
Istvan Domonkos and Holly Domonkos.
Greg Showers and Christine Showers.
Wendy K. Lipnicky and Robert T. Lipnicky.
Civil protection orders
Cathy Walsh vs. Robert L. Walsh.
Mary E. Depizzo vs. Nicholas Depizzo.
Jodi Krestan vs. Michael Krestan.
Jennifer Macias vs. Norman Macias Jr.
Tami Coe vs. David Holbrook.
Robin Clingerman vs. Joseph T. Hicks.
Ella Dumke vs. Bret D. Creekmore.
Bernadette Bednarick vs. Scott Morrison.
Foreign Order of Support
Shawna L. Martin vs. Billy Ray Martin.
Melinda G. Smith vs. Christopher D. Smith.
Cases converted
Douglas Kilgore vs. Sherryl Kilgore.
Cases dismissed
Robert Walsh vs. Cathy Walsh.
Ernestine J. Owens vs. Mark K. Owens.
Billy Joe Ely vs. Linda L. Ely.
Brenda Williams vs. Steven L. Williams.
Rhonda L. DeCapito vs. Phillip DeCapito.
Shonda Urmson vs. Joshua Hazelkorn.

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