CANFIELD SCHOOLS Chief to leave job to form teacher-training service

Contract talks in East Liverpool are suspended until the school board there works out its legal issues.
CANFIELD -- Doug Hiscox is getting ready to leave his job as superintendent of schools here to help start a nonprofit organization for teachers seeking job training.
Hiscox said he's one of a group of educators serving on the "leadership cabinet" of the Center for Transformative Educational Leadership, which is set to start offering services in January.
The center will help coordinate professional development for teachers and college students studying to be teachers, Hiscox said.
"My focus, my love, my desire has been in teacher development activities," he said. "An educator should be a lifetime learner -- it doesn't stop the day you get your diploma."
The center does not have a home office, Hiscox said. He said the office most likely will be located near school districts that use its services.
Hiscox said he had started working toward creating the center in January. He said he learned in March that the center could become a reality and announced his plans to resign.
The resignation is to take affect Jan. 31, 2003. Hiscox said he decided to resign because he felt he couldn't balance his responsibilities as superintendent with his commitment to the center. He stressed that he is not planning to leave the district before Jan. 31.
Who was hired
On Thursday, the Canfield school board voted 3-2 to enter into contract negotiations to hire Dante Zambrini as the district's new superintendent. Zambrini is the district's assistant superintendent.
Board President Mark Squicquero, who voted against entering into negotiations with Zambrini, said he expects to hire the new superintendent by early August.
"We have a community that is very proud of its educational programs. It's an honor for me to serve in this position," Zambrini said. He also thanked the Canfield community for support during the interview process.
Hiscox said he will meet with Squicquero in the coming weeks to discuss his role in the district after Zambrini is hired.
East Liverpool situation
On June 11, Hiscox entered contract negotiations to become superintendent of the East Liverpool schools. Since then, East Liverpool school board member Richard Wolf has filed a lawsuit accusing the rest of the board of holding meetings that violated state law.
Wolf alleges that at one of the meetings, the board discussed not renewing the contract of Superintendent Donald Lowe. The board has ordered Lowe to keep an hourly log of his work activities and banned him from all school property except his office. His contract will expire July 31.
Hiscox said he has suspended contract negotiations with the board until it works out its legal issues. He added that even if he takes another job as a superintendent, he is going to make sure that he has enough time to work toward the center's goals.
"I will go in the direction where I can have the greatest amount of impact on students. My belief is to do it through teachers," he said.
Hiscox added that he believes there isn't enough support for teachers who are seeking professional development. The center will provide that support, he said.
"Educators work in isolation too much. There's not a strong support network," Hiscox said.
Hiscox also stressed that he believes that professional development can help teachers create a "learning community" that will encourage students to take an active role in their studies.
"When students become active learners, they create knowledge rather than receive knowledge," he said.

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