Politicians are all like -- can any be trusted?

Politicians are all like --can any be trusted?
I read the article in today's Vindicator and could hardly stop laughing.
The House Ethics Committee's ruling on Mr. Traficant's behavior is akin to having death row inmates conduct parole hearings.
Mr. Traficant is guilty of no more than every person in Congress who has taken campaign money from a PAC or a lobbyist. Those people do not give money to candidates just out of the goodness of their hearts.
Mr. Traficant was convicted by the testimony of convicted felons, and no solid proof was ever produced to show he was guilty of the charges against him.
I am thankful Mr. Morford did not come after me because I know he would have had those convicted felons testifying to anything he asked them to say. I honestly think the conduct of all politicians is questionable.
Look at Harry Meshel and Mill Creek Metroparks. It appears to me that he has taken over the park, fired several good people and replaced them with his political hacks.
I voted for the last Metroparks levy but feel that I was lied to and misled by the promotion for the levy. There was nothing in the promotional material about the park's becoming a haven for Harry's friends. And he wasn't even elected to his position on the park board. He was appointed by Judge Maloney.
Valley can't risk electing a Traficant prot & eacute;g & eacute;
Concerning the upcoming congressional elections, I have been a lifelong Democrat -- until now that is. I cannot vote for Timothy Ryan. I did not vote for Jim Traficant the last time he ran.
In my opinion, a vote for Tim Ryan will just be a vote for more of the same old, same old.
It hurts to hear the negative talk and see all the negative print about the Valley.
Things are on the way to being cleaned up. Why go with a Traficant prot & eacute;g & eacute;? Ryan has never answered the questions about his finances.
Be angry at corporate CEOs not Jim Traficant
I keep reading The Vindicator articles and letters of outrage, calling for Jim Traficant's job and freedom.
Where's the anger over Enron, Worldcom and possibly the president and vice-president of the United States? These CEOs walked away with millions. Jim Traficant caused no pensions or jobs to be lost.
At the local level, where's the anger that Strollo gets to keep his ill-gotten gains, as well as DeJute and Flask?
Oh, I think I get it. Jim didn't steal enough. Is it really all about the money? Hail to the thief.