Parking fines rise in Columbiana

OLUMBIANA -- Motorists who violate city parking regulations will find the fines have doubled.
City council approved an increase in the fees from $5 to $10; and pumped up the fines from $5 to $25 for those who illegally park in spaces reserved for the handicapped.
Police Chief John Krawchyk said the city does not have parking meters and overnight parking is the only time limitation.
Krawchyk said, however, that there are ongoing problems with cars parked on the street overnight and in yellow-marked no parking zones such as those near intersections.
Overnight parking is a problem, some council members said, particularly in the winter because people don't move the cars when city crews need to plow snow.
Council members said there are exceptions to the parking rules. Overnight guests, for example, could park on the street if the resident first notifies police.
Krawchyk said parking tickets now will include an envelope with the police department's address.
Fines will be doubled if not paid, he said.
Fees add up
Those who continue to ignore unpaid parking tickets will be cited into mayor's court, then they will pay court costs in addition to the parking fines, he said.
Krawchyk said the combined fine and court costs mean a violator may end up paying as much as $60 for a parking violation.

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