Chaney Class of 1972 will miss one of its own

Chaney Class of 1972 will miss one of its own
This week the 1972 graduating class of Chaney High School will gather to celebrate its 30th reunion. Peter A. Polando won't be among his classmates that night. He died in a police chase just one week shy of the celebration.
A front page photograph in the local section of The Vindicator depicts a distraught and frightened man. I haven't seen Pete since the days that we shared giggles among friends in our home-room class, but I couldn't help but be saddened by the story not only told in the article, but on his face. Pete died just two days after graduating from a court-sponsored drug program, in an attempt to overcome an addiction.
I hope the drug program doesn't consider this a failure. Success is an ongoing process rather than a destination. I commend the efforts of Judge Robert A. Douglas Jr.
City Prosecutor, Dionne Almasy said it best when she described Pete as a "nice person with a gentle spirit." That's how his classmates will remember him this week.