Sharon state subsidy
The Sharon City School Board voted unanimously Monday to spend an additional $248,400 in unanticipated state subsidy money to restore teachers, aides and other items cut from the 2002-03 budget. The decision prompted Pete Calleja of Baldwin Avenue to "thank" the board for raising property taxes 2.5 mills (the equivalent of $248,000 in revenue) instead of using the money to roll back the 3-mill tax cut in the budget enacted in June. Here's how the board will spend the money:
$52,600: Restore an after-school tutoring program.
$138,750: Reinstate 31/4 elementary "special" (art, music and physical education) teaching positions.
$25,000: Reinstate two alternative education program aides.
$18,200: Reinstate a one-half middle school/high school music position.
$11,500: Reinstate marching band transportation, cleaning and equipment repair.
Source: Sharon City School District

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