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Monday, July 15, 2002

Thomas R. Wigglesworth III vs. St. Joseph Riverside Hospital, settled and dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Steven P. Decost Sr., foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Thomas M. Brenkert, foreclosure.
Jeanette Parker vs. Elizabeth A. Maine, PV Holding Corp. dba Avis Rent A Car only, dismissed.
Homelife Residential Service vs. St. Michael Parish, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Queenie Dukes, settled and dismissed.
Don Sanata vs. Douglas E. Dawley, settled and dismissed.
Linda M. Miranda vs. Antonio Sarnelli, settled and dismissed.
Patrick J. Isoldi vs. USX Corp., settled.
Thomas G. Hobart vs. USX Corp., settled.
Regions Mortgage Inc. vs. Regina R. Stewart, withdrawing order of sale.
Donna Berish vs. Trumbull Memorial Hospital, dismissed.
John D. Robertson vs. Colin J. Roberts, Safe Auto Insurance only, dismissed.
Tracy Perigo vs. Julquetta Pirogh, settled and dismissed.
Gail Gautschi vs. Ruth M. Christie, settled and dismissed.
Gerald Blair vs. A-Best Products Company, dismissed.
Sudheendra Family Ltd. vs. Bethany A. Golar-Bayne, dismissed.
Liberty Mortgage Company vs. Jerry A. Snow, confirmation of sale.
David Diiullo vs. Buckeye State Mutual, settled and dismissed.
Karen Herlinger vs. Michael J. Krivonick, dismissed.
Michael Albanese vs. David A. Leventis, settled.
Mary Woodruff vs. Nick Lofrano, claims against defendant Estate of James J. Skiffey and its co-executors Maurice R. Skiffey and Robert J. Skiffey and claims against defendant, The James J. Skiffey Living Trust and its co-trustees, James J. Skiffey and Robert J. Skiffey only, settled and dismissed.
In the matter of parcels of land, confirmation of sale.
MVB Mortgage Corp. vs. William M. Bright, confirmation of sale.
National City Bank vs. Lauren M. Latimer, confirmation of sale.
Scott I. Mathess vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC, settled and dismissed.
Joseph S. Leshnack vs. General Motors Corp., General Motors only, dismissed.
Donald Swistok vs. Jennifer Harris, Ronald Harris only, dismissed.
Debra Kirby vs. Stephanie M. Eakin, Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Company only, dismissed.
LaSalle National Bank vs. Joseph Ohlin, foreclosure.
Donna D. Kittle vs. James C. Clay, settled.
Commercial Union Insurance vs. Jason Ifft, default granted.
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB vs. Michael Antoun, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Benjamin M. Pelton, default granted.
BA Mortgage LLC vs. Margaret A. Totten, settled and dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. John R. Prinkey et al, dismissed.
Larry S. Lohr vs. Steelcraft Inc., settled and dismissed.
Greater Warren Community vs. Cathleen A. Connors, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. James W. Johnston Jr., foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. Michael D. Parker et al, foreclosure.
Dominion Transport Inc. vs. ATD Corp., default granted.
Board of Library Trustees vs. Thomas M. Zaino, settled.
New Complaints
Jeanette Parker vs. Elizabeth A. Maine, other torts.
Jack Alexander vs. Ohio Edison, other civil.
John T. Russell vs. Valley Vulcan Mould, workers' compensation.
David Brown vs. Lowe's Inc., other torts.
Bankers Trust vs. Robert Weaver, foreclosure.
Fairbanks Capital Corp. vs. Milton C. Bryant, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Richard A. Maylone, foreclosure.
Firstar Bank et al to Daniel Porter, foreclosure.
Homeside Lending Inc. to Randy L. Hackerson et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. Valley Contractors Inc., cognovit note.
Kristen Dumaire vs. Shelly A. Edwards, other torts.
William C. Walker vs. Zachary J. Dade, other torts.
Richard Carnevale vs. Judge Swift, other civil.
Paul R. Adams vs. Sam's Club #6327, workers' compensation.
Patricia Mallory vs. Phillip E. Egbert Jr., other torts.
Denise Morrison vs. James D. Smith, M.D., F.A.C.S., professional tort.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Dennis C. Schaeffer, foreclosure.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Dana Cobler, foreclosure.
Janet Pierson vs. Shepherd of the Valley, other torts.
Walter Dawson vs. William Denus, replevin.
Patricia Dilley vs. George Thompson, other torts.
Taylor Steel Inc. vs. Sandusky Cabinets Inc., other civil.
June McElroy vs. Tri Star Motors Inc., other torts.
Providian National Bank vs. David Lane, other civil.
Lori L. Bolen vs. Bob Evans Farms Inc., other torts.
Donna Medwick vs. Trumbull Memorial, workers' compensation.
Donna J. Holcomb vs. Gloria J. Porter, other torts.
Second National Bank et al vs. Ahmad Azodi et al, other civil.
Betty L. MacGregor vs. Briarfield of Cortland, other torts.
Warren Concrete and Supply vs. Paul Whitfield, other civil.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Brandy S. Brelsford et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Bryan J. Migliozzi et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. M. Charles Bryant et al, foreclosure.
Martha S. Hampton vs. Hannah C. Tate, other torts.
R & amp; R Inc. vs. Joanie Syrek dba Pro Air, other civil.
Rudolph J. Sutton vs. Louise C. Katona, other torts.
Thomas V. Hores Jr. vs. Timothy J. Weaver, other torts.
Kathy Douglas-Small vs. Bureau of Workers Compensation, workers' compensation.
Credit Based Asset vs. Carmen C. Fonce et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Robert L. Williamson, foreclosure.
State of Ohio vs. Dennis Brake, other civil.
State of Ohio vs. Frank R. Naypaver, other civil.
Patsy Ozanich vs. Ralph's Mobile Home and RV, other torts.
Peoples Bank vs. Ronald L. Wolfe, other civil.
Alycia L. Holmes-Naples vs. Joseph Shoaf, other torts.
Tracy Clark vs. Sav-A-Lot, other torts.
Travelers Property vs. Ford Motor Company, other torts.
Penny Cates vs. Betty Eastman, other civil.
Superior Printing vs. Mitchell and Company Inc., other civil.
Heather A. Mazzola vs. Kurt L. Killingsworth, other civil.
Cheryl A. Biddle vs. Maguire and Schneider, professional tort.
Carolyn J. McBride vs. Cynthia A. Jalinski, other torts.
BA Mortgage LLC vs. Virginia D.N. Banks , foreclosure.
Emma L. McDougal vs. McCarns Allstate Finance, other civil.
Bank One NA vs. Wesley O. Zupp, foreclosure.
Rachelle Turney vs. Florence Berg, other torts.
H & amp; S Financial Inc. vs. Raymond E. Archer, other civil.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Roger Grubb, foreclosure.
Nakis Inc. vs. George Zannetakis, other civil.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Nicole L. Packard, fka Nicole L. Stanley, 245 N. Main St., Youngstown, dental assistant, Jeffrey C. Logan, DDS; liabilities, $101,507; assets, $76,370.
Christina Seidler, aka Christina Likouris, 90 Scioto, Apt. 4, Boardman, homemakers idea; liabilities, $14,170; assets, $1,650.
Dixie D. Shoulders, 45 S. Whitney Ave., Youngstown, cashier/clerk, Valley View Gas; liabilities, $30,407; assets, $860.
Eric L. and Elena S. Donelson, fka Elena S. Nicoloff, 852 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown, he: inspector, ICO Worldwide Inc.; she: none; liabilities, $95,269; assets, $67,689.