Social club in Farrell looks for new location

FARRELL, Pa. -- The New Deal Club, a city fixture for nearly seven decades, is looking for a new home.
It may not stay in Farrell, said Edward Nicastro, who has served as overseer of the social club for the past 40 years.
The club was formed in 1933 and has been in Farrell since then. It is at 1059 Emerson Ave., but Nicastro said it may move out of the city if he can find a good location.
"We've been looking now for six months," he said, adding that there doesn't seem to be any appropriate building in Farrell. The club is looking at Hermitage, Sharon and elsewhere, he said.
Business has dropped off considerably since the area mills began closing in the mid-1980s, and the Emerson Avenue building, which the club owns, isn't the best location. It's only a block from what law enforcement authorities consider to be a high crime area along Idaho Street, and no one comes to the club after dark anymore, Nicastro said.
In addition to finding an appropriate location, the club would also have to transfer its liquor license to the new site. That's not a problem if the governing body in the new municipality agrees to the license transfer, Nicastro said.
The New Deal Club is private. New members must be recommended for membership by a current club member.

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